The Elf Returneth // resurrections + resolutions + a rad new decade

Before I welcome myself back and gush about the new year, I’d like to issue a formal apology for using the word “rad” in my post’s title. Do I like the word rad? No. Is it a redundant word that should be eradicated (*coughs* eRADicated… okay now I hate myself) from the English language? Absolutely. Am I also fanatical about alliteration?

No comment.

OKAY, now that I got that out of the way–

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Hello, my friends! I’m back! I’ve had a humdinger of a hiatus, but it’s finally time to break the internet silence. (I missed you guys.) So here we are. 2020. A new decade. The Sarcastic Elf is back in business. And guess what! You get a 2019 WRAP-UP POST!!

(Because I’m boring and unoriginal.)

Let’s rewind 2019.


Something Happy

Somewhere in the world, at least 300+ people are eating ice-cream right now, and I find that truly beautiful.


Something Sad

I still don’t own this:



Something Significant

My dad almost died — not once, but TWICE — with back to back heart attacks in Spring. (And then the next day, Notre Dame Cathedral burnt down. So it was a triple whammy.) My memories of that time are mostly scattered, a disjointed collection of ER halls, getting lost in the lab division with my brother, staying up until five in the morning, and stealing the desert off dad’s plate. (In my defense, I was trying to help him stay healthy.)

(The nurse who walked in just as I did so had other opinions.)

(She thought I was a terrible daughter.)

The good news is, dad survived. And the Lord once again proved Himself to be the kindest, gentlest, most merciful God I will ever know.


Something Epic


The Happy People


{{ Cabins, Canoeing, and Crazy People // a convergence of writers }}


Something Accomplished

I gave my school years a fond and affectionate kick in the pants and booted them out of my life forever.


I also had to give a speech (in front of people…) but my nervousness over that fiasco pales in comparison to the outright terror of Anna trying to devour my hat.

She’s… frightening.

{{ The Road to Graduation // and other frightening tales of social phobia }}

{{ How to Survive Your Graduation // God enters the picture + a video }}


Something Writerly

One of my resolutions for this year was, and I quote–




Yeah, well, that didn’t happen.

But hey, I still managed to do some other writerly things! I failed at NaNoWriMo! I hosted two Camp NaNo cabins and failed at those too! I entered several short story contests and failed! Entered a flash-fiction contest and failed! Hosted Preptober Prompts and failed! And I only wrote SEVEN MEASLY CHAPTERS OF AETERNA!!

As sad as this sounds, I’m actually really happy with my 2019 writing journey. There were a LOT of failures, but through it all (and maybe because of it), I finally discovered my writing voice. It’s far deeper and darker than I expected, especially in comparison to my blogging voice, but hey. I love it.


Something Artistic

I began an arsty instagram account, posted fanart, and had not one, but TWO of my favorite authors acknowledge me.



Lord, take me now. My life is complete.

As spectacular as these triumphs are, I have another achievement to stick under my belt: Folks, where once I was the student, now I am the master. (*epic Vader breathing*) I started teaching a small homeschool watercolor class, which… feels like more of a big deal than it actually is. I haven’t bored the kids to death yet, so that’s a plus. And despite the fact that I think I’ve learned more from this experience than my actual students, it’s been good. I get to paint cool reference sheets, so that’s a plus.


Something Family-ish


Something Glorious

The Horse and His Boy stage play is totally a thing and I totally saw it and totally combusted.


My shirt has the same picture on it, but no one can see that because I’m holding a stupid drink. (Because CAFFEINE.)

{{ Of Lions and Logos // a visit to the Academy of Arts + the horse and his boy stage play + renegade Greenville tourists }}


Something Horrifying

Apparently, according to some pessimistic party-poopers, writing and arting aren’t enough to be financially self-sufficient. (At the moment.) So I got a job. And have been cursing my ill-fated existence ever since.


In all seriousness, it’s really not so bad. (Besides the part where I have to be around people for 10-12 hours a day and pretend I’m not inwardly judging every customer I’ve ever laid eyes on.) God has taught me a lot through the experience, and I’ve almost, aaaalmost learned how to act like a normal human being! (Almost.) So that’s a plus.

{{ The Joys of Job Hunting // and other frightening tales of adulthood }}

{{ The Wonders of Work // a day in the life of employed sarah }}


Something Bloggish

My internet trainwreck reached 300 followers!

I bought a domain!

People voted The Sarcastic Elf as the funniest blog in the the 2019 Lit Aflame Blogging Awards!

I randomly dropped off the internet for two whole months and everyone thought I was dead!


Something Geeky

So we have friends. Nerdy friends. Geeky friends. Friends who threw a Lord of the Rings themed costume party.


There were Ringwraiths. There were Hobbits. Someone came as Gandalf. I was an elf. We ate lembas bread and admired each others’ weapons.

It was a pinnacle moment in my life that no other event can hope to rival.


Something Long-Awaited

In case you don’t know what THAT means… yes, we saw The Rise of Skywalker and it was the worst movie I’ve ever seen while simultaneously kind of okay. I don’t know how I can manage to like something so awful. I also don’t know how I can manage to hate something so wonderful.

As you can see, I’m a little confused and majorly unsatisfied. But Kylo Ren is cool.


Something Quotable

Anna: “Sarah, why are all Russian names in Spanish?”


Dad: “A cheerful heart doeth good like medicine, and ice cream makes me cheerful. Therefore, ice cream is medicine.”


Anna, clearly not grasping the concept of werewolves: “Why are all YA books about people who turn into wolves? I would totally read a book about someone who turns into a penguin.”


Anna: “I think normal terms of endearment, like honey or sweetheart, are stupid. When I get married, I’m going to call my husband ‘Fried Chicken’ or something.”


Anna: “I’m not an ambivert! I’m just an introvert who’s in denial.”


Anna, trying to comfort me during a time when I felt useless: “Aw, Sarah, Winnie the Pooh would think you’re useful!”

This coming from the bear whose life goal is to do nothing.

I was not comforted.


Something Eternal

OOooooh boy.

2019 was… a lesson. A big, 365-day lesson that covered everything from basic social etiquette (which I still don’t possess) and how to cut cabbage, to hugely philosophic topics such as “who am I?” and “what does my life mean in parallel to the broad scope of human existence?” and “what is my purpose in Christ?” and last but definitely not least, “what do I want my future to be, what does God want my future to be, and how can we make those two paths go together?”

And though life has had its moments, and those moments were really, really good, I can’t say 2019 has been fun. (Because it definitely wasn’t.) God saw me in my little corner, obsessing about a future in the creative arts, and said, “Hey now, whoa now kiddo, don’t you think you’d better get yourself figured out first?”

So the brakes may have slammed on my writing/artistic endeavors. (At least for the moment.) The spotlight turned. My heart became the subject of God’s attention.

But He is good. And so, even as 2019 brought me through some of the most intense struggling and soul-searching of my life, the Lord made sure to counter it with some of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. I met new people and tried new things and discovered so many paths I had no idea existed. God has given a shape to my future I never saw before, and still don’t entirely understand. But for the first time in my shy, timid existence, I feel brave enough to step forward and discover it.

So HELLO, 2020! Welcome, my friends and followers! Greetings, newcomers! It’s a brand new year, another chapter, a fresh start, a world of change, and boy, AM I GLAD TO BE BACK!! Here we go.



47 thoughts on “The Elf Returneth // resurrections + resolutions + a rad new decade

  1. I was not disappointed when I came into this post expecting to nearly burst from trying to hold my laughter in cuz my sister is right there and she’ll think I’m even more crazy than I am so yep.
    I think it would be incredibly amusing to have a sister like Anna, but then again, I don’t live with her or anything… so I may be wrong. 😂
    I don’t know why, but 2020 didn’t come as a huge excitement for me like all the other years, it basically feels the same as two days ago. xD And I made zero resolutions, so there’s that. Despite that, I feel like if I actually do something in the next few days, the excitement will come for the new year. xD Happy New Year, and I’m glad you’re back!



    And Kylo Ren was indeed cool in Rise of Skywalker.

    *awkwardly sidles offstage into the background of pointless anonymity*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Sarah! Glad to have you back! *Covers you in the glitter of seven colors. Then hands you a broom and six glass bottles to put the glitter back in.* Don’t ask me why I did that.

    So… can I borrow your sister whenever I get depressed? Because she cracks me up.

    Oh, and are you the ONLY ones in that theater?! Was it really THAT bad?
    And finally, I would love to read a book about someone who turns into a penguin too. #Ambiverts/IntrovertsInDenialUnite


    1. *can’t get the glitter in the bottle because it’s stuck to me* Well gee, uh, thanks…


      No, the theater was full. We just got there earlier than everyone else. Hence, the emptiness. 😁


  4. *Right Knuckles of Fellowship*
    “A cheerful heart doeth good like medicine, and ice cream makes me cheerful. Therefore, ice cream is medicine.”
    Sarah, your dad is a wise man XD

    WELCOME BACK, SARAH!!!! It was a joy to see a new Sarcastic Elf post pop up in my inbox! 😉 ONWARD TO 2020!!!!


      1. X’D And I feel you should know, whenever we meet/speak to another elfling anywhere else (*cough* like emails *cough*), we identify ourselves with the mark of the right knuckles of fellowship.

        It’s like the secret handshake of the readers of the Sarcastic Elf. XD You should be proud.

        Liked by 1 person

              1. Nothing. XD Just, a couple months ago I was emailing Julia about stuff and that occurred between us, and I thought she may’ve been referencing that, among whatever others. 😂 You’re famous.


  5. Sarah!! You’re back! I’m so excited to make your words a regular part of my life again. I’ve needed them all too much while you were gone ❤



  6. Missed you, Sarah!!! So glad you’re back! Wow. Loved your wrap up, but that bit about how you grew spiritually is particularly relatable. Thank you for that!

    Oh. And the question that has been bothering me FOREVER…do we get the last two Preptober Prompt stories?! Do we?!?! I can’t live with the cliff hanger. *sobs hysterically*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I missed you too!! Yeah, 2019 was a crazy year, that’s for sure, but WE SURVIVED IT!! *gives us a pat on the back*

      And YES, I’ll be finishing my Preptober Prompts series. I’m not quiiiiite cruel enough to leave things hanging where I did. 😏

  7. Yay, you’re alive! I’ll be honest, I had my doubts, but I’m SO happy that you’re back! I didn’t know what to do with myself without your hilarious take on life. xD Indeed, soul-searching is an exhausting endeavour (to put it lightly), but it’s wonderful that you survived it with God’s help. I’m still going through that stage and I really needed that encouragement, so thank you. And I’m so glad your dad (and his awesome sense of humour) is okay!

    Happy New Decade!


    1. I’LL be honest, I had doubts too. Thanks for hanging in there. 😁
      Aha, you can sympathize with the soul-searching stuff. My condolences. 😖 It’s scary, but hey, you’ll get through it. We both will. God will make sure of that.


  8. *waves* helloooo!! I’m so glad you’re back at it with this blog! It’s encouraging me to finally get my act together again and start a new blog. So thank you 😀

    I LOVED this post. Something about hearing about your year just made me incredibly happy? I can totally relate to how 2019 wasn’t fun. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, but it certainly smashed a lot of (or every single one of) my expectations about full time work and college. I guess God thought those had to go, lol.

    Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I’m looking forward to popping in here much more often in 2020 ❤



      Heh, yeah, life expectations. I feel ya. It’s funny, because I think a lot of us are going through pretty much the same thing at the same time. Perks of all hitting adulthood at once, I guess. It is nice to know, though, that we’re not the only ones feeling what we’re feeling.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! May 2020 be better than its predecessor.


  9. Huzzah, the Elf hath returneth! Ack, the lack of my subscription emails of your blog made me so sad, haha. Glad you’re back.

    Alsooooo, c’monnnnn! RoS was sUcH a good movie (way better than TLJ *grins evilly*).


  10. WELCOME BACK. You have been missed. ❤

    This made me so happy and was just the lovely little ray of sunshine I needed today. 😀

    Thank you, Sarah. And, for what it's worth, I find you magnificently useful and wonderful. 😉

    (also, just fyi, rad was not your only option… it could've been remarkable, ridiculous, radiant, rapturous, refulgent, resplendent, revolutionary… this comes from someone who may also be slightly fanatical about alliteration XD )


  11. *sobs* sarah, you’re my inspiration for quite possibly everything in life
    and i am so glad you’re back.
    also, lotr parties??? jealous. i’d gladly volunteer as a hobbit if i could have some lembas.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I still am filled with awe and fangirl jitters knowing that N.D. Wilson liked your drawing!!!! (oh and it is AWESOME to have you back, Sarah <33) And hey… is that a third Outlaws of Time book that I spy?? If so, PLEASE TELL ME THE TITLE SO THAT I CAN GET ME HANDS ON IT.

    You are on of the few bloggers who truly make me laugh out loud, and I certainly did while reading the quotes by your dad and your sister. They were so epically funny, I must say. You need to post more often just so that I can have a good dose of laughter to brighten my week. 😉 😉

    I love LOTR themed parties!!! I've been to two… one was a literal unexpected party that my mom threw for my fifteenth birthday a couple of years ago, and then there was a Narnia/LOTR costume party that some people from our church threw. There was an amazing White Witch. I went as Eowyn, and there was a Ring-Wraith, and I had to inform him that I was the only one there capable of killing him (because of the prophecy, of course). That didn't make him feel nervous at all. XD XD

    Goodness gracious that picture of the dragon and the girl is BEAUTIFUL and makes me feel so many delightful things. Ack. It's beautiful. </3 <333


  13. I rarely read wrap-up posts, but I read yours and thoroughly enjoyed it. And I am in awe of the fact that ANDREW PETERSON AND N.D. WILSON replied to you!!! ahhhhh that’s so amazing


  14. I’ve missed you Sarah! Glad you are here to wackify (yes I just made that up for you) my Thursdays again. May your 2020 be more than mediocre ;).


  15. I’m so glad your dad is ok! And your blogger adventure looked glorious!

    While I’m not a personal fan of “rad” I believe we bloggers should band together and RAD-ify that bloggers can use whatever words they like. (After all, bloggers will use whatever wacky words they like because nobody can stop them anyway)


  16. YAY The Elf is BACK!
    I’m glad to hear that you had a great(ish) year. I’m also glad that your dad is okay.
    I got a job this year too… It’s simultaneously the worst thing for writing and the best thing for inspiration. My job is also looking after 40+ dogs for 10hrs, so there’s definitely worse things 😀
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for 2020!


  17. You’re back, you’re back!

    Well, ~I~ say it two-thousand-twenty, but nobody else I know does it that way.

    As someone else with a customer-service job and no social skills, I feel your pain. Sometimes I forget how to interact with people properly.

    Anna’s Winnie-ther-Pooh comment is definitely something my sister would say to me. I’m not sure if that’s at all reassuring.


  18. (*pops in* Oooh, ~I~ say it two-thousand-twenty too. *high-five* ‘Tis a rare occurrence, ‘twould seem. After all, it doesn’t make sense in the context of the teen centuries, where we say 19, and 18, instead of one-thousand-nine-hundred and so on. But…2,000 is a different kind of number than one-thousand-something-hundred-and-something. I guess. Mebbe once we’re into the two-thousand-something-hundred-and-somethings rather than just two-thousands we’ll be saying it the shorter way. Twenty-one-twenty-four and such instead of two-thousand-one-hundred-and-twenty-four. It’s confusing. *pops out*)


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