Aspiring Authoress Sarah Baran, at your service. *bows* Welcome to my nook of archives and writing weirdness.

Posts About Writing

A collection of posts chronicling my many adventures and mishaps as I grow into a better writer. You can find all that here.

Short Stories

They are what their title suggests. Stories that are short. Find them here.

Chronicles of Plerp


A collection of short stories chronicling the calamitous life of Sylvestrus Livingstone Clarencourt the Thirteenth, esquire to the Good Sir Taturtaut in the realm called Plerp. Featuring reoccurring characters such as Crumby Blots, the Phony Wizard Gambergain, and Dwings the Uninterested, Chiefest and Greatest Yawners of this Age. (He’s a dragon, you know.) Find them here.