In Defense of Pink Spray-Paint // a short story

Well well, my friends, happy Thursday! For lack of entertaining stories or inspirational tragic musings, I come bearing a short-story. A very old short-story I wrote last summer and like quite a bit. Behold:   In Defense of Pink Spray-Paint She sings while she paints, and sometimes dances, but no one cares because this is [...]

Broken-Down Band // preptober prompts + week 4, day 4

Hello, humans! Today is technically the last day of my Preptober Prompts week, so before we get into it, I think I’d better explain what’s been going on with my weird posting schedule, and why I’m proving to be such a shabby host. Basically, writers’ block. (Blame it all on writers’ block.) No, but seriously. [...]

More Than a Mastermind

Wow, I actually wrote a short story that isn't a Chronicle of Plerp! I feel so proud of myself. To make a long story short, Sylvestrus is currently on the time out chair. (I kid you not, I had to read that sentence three times to realize I'd accidentally made the world's stupidest pun.) Anyway, [...]

Chronicles of Plerp: The Purple Cows of Shazaar—Part 2

TA-DAAA. I want to mention that originally, Dwings the Dragon wasn't going to make an appearance in this story, but my friend liked him so much that I decided to rework some things (basically, the entire story) to include him. You're welcome. Now, without further ado... Part 2! *cheesy grin* I awoke early the next [...]

Tales of Plerp: Sylvestrus Clarencourt XIII, Dragon Slayer—Part 2

Because I'm a kind person who doesn't want to make you wait until Thursday, I'm posting this now. Hopefully you remember the first part, but you should read it again just because. Tales of Plerp: Sylvestrus Clarencourt XIII, Dragon Slayer—Part 1 Ladies and gentlemen, I present the thrilling conclusion to my stupid story. Upon waking, [...]

Tales of Plerp: Sylvestrus Clarencourt XIII, Dragon Slayer—Part 1

Hey, look at this! I'm actually posting on Thursday, the day I'm supposed to! Wow. This is a monumental occasion. Let me take a moment to drink in the wonder of this. *takes a moment* Oh. It's Friday. Phooey. Anyway. Do you remember that stupid story I wrote a while ago? You probably don't, so [...]

Tales of Plerp: The Strange Tale of Gambergain’s Magic Spoon

And I emerge from the war torn realm of the Flu with only a few minor battle wounds, namely, a stupid story. The thought process behind it being, "I'm going to write a stupid story," and proceeding to do exactly that. Chronicles, you say? Oh yes, my pretties, I'm not yet done with Sylvestrus Livingstone [...]