A Cup of Randomness // kittens + campfires + sarcastic summers

My friends, I come as a herald of happy things and sad things, great joy and exponential tragedy.

The happy thing is that kittens exist.

The sad thing is that I don’t have it in me to write a blog post.

“Whoa, whoa, Sarah, it’s already been two weeks. You’re skipping AGAIN?!?!”

…make me feel worse, why dontcha.

The sad truth is, even Sarah Baran gets tired sometimes. But it’s okay. To quote my favorite poem by Millie Florence, “sometimes life gets blurry, slurry, on and on all whisper whirry,” and it’s so easy to forget that life as a whole isn’t made up of deadlines and achievements and getting blog posts out in time. Life shouldn’t be a rat-race, always doing and going and writing and achieving but never… breathing.

Sometimes life gets / Blurry / Slurry / On and on all whisper whirry / Such it happens and this is when / I go to walk betwixt the trees / Follow dancings of the breeze / Until I feel / Alive again.

Live among the wild violets / Soak myself in golden twilights / Feel the rough / Feel the smooth / Watch the shadows as they move / Free my thoughts / Free my hands / Until I feel / Alive again.

~“Alive Again” by Millie Florence, Enter the Forest

So I don’t have it in me to write something profound today. Sheesh, I’m not even sure how to end this thought. I don’t have a philosophic or spiritual epiphany. I don’t have any crazy life stories. Good grief, I don’t even have art.

But you know what?

Life is still good.

Even if I don’t know what to talk about. Even if I feel incredibly random and want to share this picture of a tubby Buddha garden ornament I found at a flee-market.


Things that make Sarah laugh, 101. I tried convincing my parents to get it, but they refused to be convinced.

So you know what? Today, I want to ramble talk about random things. Things that don’t get enough attention. Things like this art desk.

We’re redoing our floors, in case you were wondering…

Several family members pitched in to get me this for my birthday and it’s an organization freak’s dream. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF STUFFING MY ART SUPPLIES INTO BAGS ON A SHELF. I aaaaalmost feel like a normal person now.



We have a cafe near us entirely themed off of old literature and Edgar Allan Poe. Note the tombstone on the shelf. It’s a wonderful place.

Also, my best friend started watching Marvel and I found this in my inbox one morning:


Let’s be honest, this was all of us at one point.

(Whosoever spoileth Endgame will suffer the just consequences — namely, my wrath forevermore. I still haven’t seen it yet and I live in daily fear of spoilers.)

Oh, and apparently, THE N.D. Wilson liked my instagram picture of fan-art for one of his books, so…


Like… the real guy. He saw my picture.

*dying cat screech* I’M FAMOUS.

Speaking of screeching cats, one of my kittens looks like she’s in a perpetual state of existential crisis.


I’m… concerned.



Life is good because Dad says dumb things sometimes and they’re legendary.

“If I wasn’t so sick, I’d probably be feeling better.”

~Mark Baran, 2019

We had a campfire the other day and couldn’t find skewers to roast the hotdogs. So what did we do? Did we go to the store and buy some more? Did we look in our garage to see if spare ones could be found?

Oh honey. You’ve never met my father.


That be a fork. A fork clamped to a metal pole. Surprisingly, it was quite effective.


This picture looks so innocent and aesthetic, until you zoom in and…


…I’m scared now.

Remember Camp Nano last month? Two weeks into it, Snapper and I were writing machines who COULD NOT be stopped.


We were tearing it up, man.

*note the sarcasm*

Remember that time Kate entrusted me with the knowledge of her very first book’s title, and I put it on a t-shirt for her? Yeah, well, she got her revenge.


She even had a picture of Grima Wormtongue’s creepy little face tucked inside.

Anna tried to pull a fast one on me yesterday and I was too slow-witted to be hoodwinked. “Sarah,” she said, “someone told me you sound like an owl.”

Blinking slowly and not fully processing the insult, I hooted, “Whom?” and ruined her day.

No, I wasn’t trying to be clever. Yes, apparently I’m that gullible. No, I wasn’t using the word “whom” correctly. And yes, if I’d taken the time to be properly indignant, I would have spit out “WHO????” and proved her point.


I offer as little context for this one as the friend who randomly sent it to me one day.

My dad wouldn’t mow this one spot of our yard because he didn’t want to disturb the wildflowers growing there, and honestly, I’ve never been so impressed with him in my life.



We live in an age where feline and fowl can dwell together in… er…. harmony.

Emma sent me this adorably tiny notebook full of private jokes and special memories and 50 reasons she’s glad we’re friends.


Let’s be honest, Sley is probably reason #1, she’s just too nice to say so.


Welcome to the world of Michigan.

A conversation about a mutually hated character’s demise turned into a contest for the most morbid metaphor.



This Christmas tree ornament understands me.


Poor Anna just wanted a nice picture but dad was having WAY too much fun with that flaming stick thing.


A mildly disturbing acquaintance.


And then there’s Kate, who never fails to indulge the weird and random things I say to her.

The conclusion?

Summer is the best.

Randomness never hurt anyone.

Life is good.

Life is good because this is life — these tiny, inconsequential moments, these random blips in the timeline of eternity. The big things can’t be life, because big things don’t happen often enough. But these snatched moments of normal, every day happiness– these are the things I want to hang onto. These are the things I want to remember. These are the things I want to draw joy from.


I don’t know where I’m going with this. I don’t have a spiritual pondering that will blow everyone’s socks off. I don’t have art to feed to the masses. I can barely even get my posts out in time. But that’s okay!

Because kittens exist.

Because forks can roast hotdogs just as well as skewers.

Because I have photographic evidence of my health-conscious friend eating a s’more.

Because Mom called me Sophie the other day.

Because Tolkien was Tolkien and wrote Tolkienish things, because glitter is sparkly, because Michigan sunsets are the best, because, because, because, BECAUSE…

Because life is still good. And that’s enough.



34 thoughts on “A Cup of Randomness // kittens + campfires + sarcastic summers


    w.O.W. That’s…

    I can’t imagine how you must’ve shrieked. XD

    (He mutters, too… Imagine that.)

    Also, WHAT mutually hated character’s demise were you discussing? Oh my goodness. Those are some awesomely morbid metaphors. XD


  2. Oh, and, β€œIf I wasn’t so sick, I’d probably be feeling better.” Just…yes.

    And avoiding the flowers in the mowing… *melts*


  3. Y O U L I V E!
    I wanna see more villains that drink chocolate milk. And eat ice cream. And they’ll kill for a good slice of pizza.
    Like, seriously.
    Also villains who, after a long day of scheming, curl up with a book, or flip on their favorite marvel movie. Because let’s all be honest here people, even of you’ve made morally questionable decisions, nothin can beat a good bowl of ice cream and a marvel movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. More to the point, I AM NOT DEAD. XD

      Seriously though I just want… domestic villains. Like, villains who wear flip-flops because they forgot to polish their threatening black boots, and villains whose voice cracks when they do the evil cackle because “hiGH NOTES ARE HARD, MAn” and villains who tip the pizza delivery boy extra because dude, food service is way harder than taking over the world and you’re doing a good job.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OH MY GOODNESS N.D. WILSON LIKED YOUR PICTURE???? THAT’S AMAZING!!!! I adore his Outlaws of Time series soooo much I think it’s probably my favorite, and 100 Cupboards comes second and Ashtown Burials third. Eeeek I’m so happy for you!!

    *tries to catch breath* Sorry, I got into fan-girl mode. πŸ˜›

    This pot was so fun. I could mention everything that I found amusing, relatable, and hilarious, but then I’d have to mention everything, so I’ll just say… this post was hilarious and practically perfect in everyway. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, no, by all means, call it a pot. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        That really cracked me up, thank you for giving me my daily dose of laughter.

        *cough* Anyway. I KNOW, RIGHT?? OoT was a fantastic (if at times confusing) trilogy and just… *descends into book-nerd flailing* *descends into “was noticed by favorite author” pit of insanity* You understand me. Zhis is good.


  5. This post is so my mood today. My friends probably think I’m crazy and I DON’T CARE!!! During break between classes today three friends climbed a tree while I swung around the lower branches like they were organic monkey bars. I ran barefoot through the grass, spinning as fast as I could. I scraped my wrists on a tree and ran around some more so they would scab before class and I wouldn’t get blood on my books. I rolled down a grassy green hill and jumped and sang and allowed the good brown earth and the sweet green grass to breathe LIFE into my weary limbs.
    (these are the kinds of things that happen when one only gets 4 hours of sleep)
    So THANK YOU SO MUCH for this cup of randomness. For the laughter. For being the whipped cream on top of my cup of chocolatey randomy gooey goodness.
    You’re the best. πŸ˜€
    (ALSO the fork thing is the greatest!!!!!!!!)


    1. I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard but oh my goodness, this is the most YOU thing ever and just… *takes a moment to compose herself* Who needs sanity when they can run through grass and scrape their wrists on trees? 😁

      BUT YES. It’s the most interesting little cafe. I still have decided whether it’s quaint or downright creepy, but I thoroughly enjoy the place.


        1. *grins* So grateful I could bless you with a little laughter. πŸ˜€
          Quaint and creepy sounds like a good mix. XD
          Ooh, maybe even for a villain… a little old-fashioned grandma who clobbers people with rolling pins or puts cyanide in apple pies. *cackles*


  6. Anna really looks like Sam Stewart in that picture, I’ve got to say.

    Also the cat who’s visiting the chickens looks so velvety! I don’t get people who say brown/gray tabbies look boring. I think they look plushy.

    And I appreciate the theme of the post :).

    Liked by 1 person

        1. By the way, that conversation between you and Kate Flournoy sounds like something me and MiddleEarthMusician would talk about. I often say weird and random things and, thankfully, she’s a very good sport about it. πŸ˜‰


  7. I may have wheezed at the Nicholas Cage meme :’) seriously though, what an amazingly organized post of randomness! I always enjoy your posts and this was no exception. πŸ™‚


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