From the Heart of Discouragement to the Head of Pride

From the Heart of Discouragement to the Head of Pride

I almost didn't publish something today. Hang on, hang on, there's a reason. (There always is...) This wasn't just me being lazy and furtively ignoring my blogging accountability partner. (Which I would *cough* NEVER *cough cough* do... *choke*) The reason I almost didn't post today is ACTUALLY because of you guys. Yep. It's YOUR fault. [...]

Wisdom from the Utterly Stupid: Pirates of the Caribbean

Yes, I am completely behind the times. Though that really shouldn't come as a great shock to anyone. *ahem* Guys, we did it. My family finally watched something that is kind of a classic. Last month, actually, so that's something to be proud of, despite the fact that I'm relaying old news. And, during a [...]

Beyond the Hill

Hello, my people. Today I bring you another philosophical pondering which is both deep and dangerous. You've been warned. See, in my aunt's cow pasture, there's this decently large hill that's full of ticks and weeds and other such nastiness. When I was little, I would look up toward the top, and wonder what was [...]

My Life as a Decoration

This is a post for the misunderstood. That's kind of weird sounding, so let me rephrase: This is me, panicking at the last minute because I didn't have anything to write about, and therefore plunging into a deep and philosophical pondering. Scared yet? You should be. To dive right in, I'll start with a quick [...]