She, Jadis of Charn — Short Story

Hello, peeps.

Sooo… I wrote something.


No, um, actually, I was kinda playing with random words and making them sound epic, and basically, I somehow ended up with the prologue for the Chronicles of Narnia. Call that fanfiction if you will, but I am in firm denial of the fact that I wrote fanfiction.

It’s not fanfiction.

But it is kind of beautiful, so I thought I’d dump it on you.

Woot woot.

She, Jadis of Charn

The legends say she came at the beginning of time, ferried to that world by a child from another.

A child, though no less innocent than she.

The legends tell how she stayed hidden, lingering in the shadows of time, waiting for the hour to ripen. And when the chance came, she took it. She, Jadis of Charn, whom no man could seek to overthrow. She, the witch of another realm, the queen of a dead world, the defiler of a new one.

And she was strong.

In her power she rose up, using her might and the sins of those she deceived to overthrow that which was good and holy. She destroyed the faith of the weak and took the lives of the strong, and with every sword stroke, she cursed His name, and with every curse, she laughed. Let Him dare to defy her; she would strike Him down before He could touch her. So said the Deep Magic.

And then, they came. A breath of hope in a broken world. Four children. Four fates.

One blood.

Then the witch ceased to laugh, for in these children she saw the shadow of a threat come over her rule. And she was right to fear; for was it not with these children that Father Christmas came, and Spring, and finally, He himself, the son of the Emperor over the sea, the one they call Aslan? Was it not these four children the prophecy decreed would fill the empty seats of the castle on the Eastern Sea, that place called Paravel? And with their coming, so also would her reign of ice end.

And it was so. For these four were not the humble school children they imagined themselves to be. No, they possessed greater power than they ever could have believed, and though it was not by their hand that she was struck down, it was by their doing. She, Jadis of Charn, whom no man could seek to overthrow, had overlooked that which should not be overlooked, and dismissed magic too deep and powerful to ever truly stay asleep. She, Jadis of Charn, had forgotten that it was by a child’s hand she had been released into the world, and it would be by a Lion’s maw her doom would be brought nigh.

For when they came, Aslan was pleased, and He said to his Father, “Now comes the hope of Narnia and the future of this world. I will go to them, and I will bless them, and when they are righteous, it shall be in my name, and when they are honored, so it shall also be in my name, and when the people look, they shall see in them me.”

And it was so.

For Narnia had been kingless for a hundred years, until the Pevensies came. Four thrones, four children. Two kings, two queens.

One blood.

Thus spoke the prophecies.

And she, Jadis of Charn, had no power against such magic, nor the lion’s teeth ’round her throat.




Yeah. So.

Woot woot!

And to all those who battled the forces of NaNoWriMo, IT’S AT AN END, MY FRIENDS. You are free. Go write what you want.

(And kindly disregard the fact that I didn’t even DO NaNo. I can still congratulate the ones who did. You are far braver sorts than I.)



37 thoughts on “She, Jadis of Charn — Short Story

  1. β€˜Twas beautiful, Miss Baran. I feel like speaking eloquently for a while because of this. *lifts pinky as she drinks tea* *pretends to like tea*

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    1. I was already mentally composing some comeback as I was reading this, until I got to *pretends to like tea*.

      *slow clapping* Bravo. You have officially rendered me choked and dead on laughter. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. I. Love. This. It’s so…THEMATIC! *flails*

    And just so we’re clear, Aslan is one of the most amazing characters ever. It has much to do with Who he was based on, clearly. But some based on the same Being are very badly done; not so Aslan.


    1. *shoves a sign into the ground that reads BEWARE OF MOLE HILLS*

      Aslan is… epic. *nod nod* Yeah, he’s one of the few characters who fully represent what he’s meant to represent without… I dunno. Rubbing one the wrong way, I guess. He’s on the list of favorite characters ever. Because he’s GOOD.


  3. Okay, I have multiple comments. First, why are you in such ‘firm denial’ about writing fan fiction? I do it all the time, and it’s awesome. Second, great story! I loved it! Third, I tried to do NaNoWriMo but failed miserably… I was using my story Inked, but only got to 5 thousand words before I trashed it and had to restart from chapter 2. Fourth, *salutes the gif*. Fifth, I wanted to have five things to say so this is my fifth one.


    1. 1. I MEAN NO OFFENSE TO FANFICTION WRITERS. It’s just not my thing. Satisfied? πŸ˜‰
      2. Thanky muchly!
      3. Ugh. NaNo is brutal. I tried Camp NaNo, which is way easier, and that alone almost killed me. *sympathetically pats your book* You are not alone.
      4. *returns the salute*
      5. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. EMMA, WHERE ARE YOU? GET DOWN HERE. THIS GIRL ADDED A FIFTH POINT FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF HAVING A FIFTH POINT. Hope, this is something very near and dear to our hearts. Congratulations.


      1. 1. “I will never be satisfied.”
        3. It’s not so much of a book as it is one chapter and a prologue…
        5. Thank you! *is very touched* I mean, why WOULDN”T I want to have a fifth point?


        1. Fifth points are so pretty. 1-4 is just wrong. As is 1-9. If you’re going to do points, do ’em in sets of five. One is great. Two is a sequel. Three a trilogy. Four too long. And five… it’s a series. It’s lovely.

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  4. Very good story! *cheers* *stops abruptly…* Where did that GIF come from??
    Anyway, I enjoyed this very much! Fanfiction isn’t my thing either; not that I’m against people writing it. *nods in agreement*
    *whispers* I didn’t do NaNo either but… I’m going to do it next year. *begins stocking up on tea and muffins and blankets in preparation*
    And can I say that you are very witty and clever in your posts and comments?? They are epic. πŸ™‚


    1. Yeep! You may say it. And I say THANKY SO MUCH! ❀❀❀
      (Hey, I’m doing NaNo next year too… hopefully… seems like the crazy people are finally starting to corrupt us… *adds chocolate to your survival pile*)

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  5. *falls off chair at the amazingness of this* *almost chokes on tea* Wow. So. Amazing. I loved this. And I didn’t do NaNoWriMo either. I don’t understand how anybody has time to do that a school…. seriously.


  6. You have some amazing talent, and not just for sarcasm either. πŸ˜‰ But seriously, that was fantastic. The description at the beginning of how she planned to dominate the world was chilling.

    And may I just say, your sense of humor is amazing! This is definitely the most entertaining blog I read.


    1. This… this makes me happy. Thank you so, so much. Comments like these are what give me the confidence to keep going in this ridiculous little endeavor, and I’m so glad my absurdity can bring as much joy to others as it brings me writing it. ❀

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      1. Awww, you’re so, so welcome! The only thing that’s ridiculous about your “little endeavor” is that you don’t have a larger following, in my opinion; insofar as I am able to judge, you are one of the best writers of my age that I’ve ever read. Which is a list of about…3 total, maybe 4. (No comment on myself; let another man praise you…) I’m so glad if my words encourage you; I’ve been searching for other writers for so long, and I’m so excited to have found them! If I can inspire people to keep on writing, I will be very happy indeed.


        1. (*pokes in real quick* Hey HANSVOS914, have you heard of Kingdom Pen? It’s a website for young Christian writers, and it’s been an incredible thing for a lot of people. You might want to check it out—if you’re looking for other writers like yourself, and encouragement, and lots and lots of awesome writing advice and stuff like that, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The community is amazing. It’s πŸ˜‰ )


          1. Yes, I have, thanks! I might ask my parents about subscribing, since it doesn’t seem like you can get as much out of it without subscribing. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) I’m a little intimidated by the concept of…more professional advice etc. as opposed to just reading and exchanging writing with other people my age. But maybe it would really help.


        2. Ha, yeah, I kinda felt the same way when I first joined. But you know, most of the people there are just other teenage kids with a heart for writing and Christ. Check out the forum—it’s a really laid back place where we all ask questions and we all pitch in to answer them. Nothing fancy or intimidating; just some nice writerly fellowship and good advice. A lot of the people in my comments are from there. *cough* Emma *cough cough* Kate *choke* Shannon *wheeze* Myself…


          1. Yup, the forum is really just other people like yourself, with varying degrees of experience; it’s not all high and professional, though it is really helpful. πŸ˜‰ The articles are more along the professional line, and they’re super good too.
            You would have to become a member to be able to participate on the forum, as in actually making posts and stuff, which you probably would get more out of. But if you didn’t want to actually join, you’re still able to poke around on the forum (and the site in general) and see other people’s topics, and there’s a BUNCH of good stuff in there. Lots and lots of questions and answers from other members. You can still access and read most everything on Kingdom Pen without subscribing. But most of the people on there are teens just like yourself, so exchanges and critiques and that sort of stuff really aren’t intimidating. (I’m saying this from my experience with watching others, mostly; it’s not QUITE the same for me because I’m not technically a writer. πŸ˜› But I’m purty sure of what I say. πŸ˜€ )


  7. That gif! *chokes laughing* Great story! I like it a lot! I didn’t do NaNo either, I don’t know how anyone could have time after they’re done with their school for the day.


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