Bloodstained Prayers // a flash-fiction dump + Writer Games entries

GUYS!! Remember that contest I told you about a while back? The flash-fiction thing I was a finalist in? The one I had a mental breakdown over because I was traveling during the last week and had only one day to write my final entry and everything seemed bleak and dismal and-- Yeah, so, I [...]

In Defense of Pink Spray-Paint // a short story

In Defense of Pink Spray-Paint // a short story

Well well, my friends, happy Thursday! For lack of entertaining stories or inspirational tragic musings, I come bearing a short-story. A very old short-story I wrote last summer and like quite a bit. Behold:   In Defense of Pink Spray-PaintShe sings while she paints, and sometimes dances, but no one cares because this is the [...]

More Than a Mastermind

Wow, I actually wrote a short story that isn't a Chronicle of Plerp! I feel so proud of myself. To make a long story short, Sylvestrus is currently on the time out chair. (I kid you not, I had to read that sentence three times to realize I'd accidentally made the world's stupidest pun.) Anyway, [...]