Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and a Cool Little Fish Child

Heeeeey, guys…

I’m totally not embarrassed about failing to post last week. Are you embarrassed? ‘Cause I’m certainly not.


There was a reason though. See? I’m not completely lazy. The reason, guys, is…

None of your business.

Moving on.

This week, I was racking my brain for the easiest things to post about so I wouldn’t have to waste precious mental energy writing something up for you guys. Because that’s the kind of blogger I am. ANYWAY, I realized that my art category only has two posts in it. And while I really haven’t been that productive on the art front of late, the class I’m taking this semester has forced me to draw a bit more regularly.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to share some of my recent projects with you guys, so that you can see a bunch of random drawing you probably have no interest in, and I can be lazy without anyone yelling at me.

It’s a total win-win.



I’ll be completely honest, this isn’t totally new. I did it several months ago, after my friend Emma got my family obsessed with A&E’s Horatio Hornblower series, and all I could think about for three months was British frigates and ridiculous 18th century navy hats. Still, it’s a nice painting, so I’m including it.

(To my mother and Emma—Mr. HornBLOWAAAAH!!! Everyone else—you won’t understand that unless you watch the show. So go watch it. You’ll thank me later.)




I somehow managed to whip this out in fifteen minutes.



Let that sink in. It’s quite possibly the greatest achievement of my artistic life.



Leonardo da Vinci painted some seriously weird looking people.

If you have a good memory, you’ll remember that this was a result of this.



IT’S JEB AND DIANA BOONE! *screams**cries**throws a lamp out the window*

Stop looking at me like that. They’re book characters. I get excited over book characters and sometimes draw them. These guys are pilots/explorers who hack through jungles and wield rifles and do cool things like crash planes.

(PS. If you’ve read the Ashtown Burials by N.D. Wilson, please tell me. We can cry together.)



Do you see those brown splatters? Yeah, that wasn’t me. SOMEONE spilled their DRINK on my THING.

That person shall remain nameless.

(Mainly because I don’t know who it was.)



Okay, okay, this wasn’t my idea. I was forced to do it for art homework. It’s a self portrait of some famous artist guy who I honestly don’t remember the name of. Whoever he is, he’s the one that looks like the child of a turtle and a fish.



This frightening looking creature is a character from a dystopian/steampunk story I’m going to write in another fifty years. Her name is Shar. She’s something along the lines of a half-starved smuggler, but way cooler.

Please ignore her tiny misshapen left arm.



Fun Fact: If I signed Van Gogh’s name on this and then tried to sell it, I would probably go to jail.

Oh, and hey! That lovely specimen up there is my first ever CANVAS! It’s pretty cool.



So yeah, guys, there it is. I’ve got more in the works, but as is typical with myself, they’re all only half done because the inspiration left me a quarter of the way into it. However, I’ll (hopefully) be finishing them soon, so stay tuned for another art post within the next few months.

Or not. Depending on what I feel like.



34 thoughts on “Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and a Cool Little Fish Child

  1. I love your sense of humor! And your drawings blow me away. Beyond ugly stick figures (which are bad even for stick figures), I can’t draw at all. You’re amazing! Please post more!


  2. *cough* It’s actually A&E’s Horatio Hornblower, NOT ABC’s. *cough*

    Yay! A blog post!


    Um, WOW!

    Sheesh. That 15 minute lady’s HAIR! 😮
    I still adore the ship painting. And the CASTLE THING! Is that charcoal?
    And the characters. I haven’t read (or heard of till now) that book. It must be good.
    And I really think you could pass that Van Gogh off as real.

    P.S. People back then were so ugly because the human race hadn’t evolved as far as it has now. Don’t you know? *glowers* Read up on your evolution sista.


    1. I KNEW THAT. *cough* Or not. Is ABC even a thing? I THOUGHT it sounded wrong, but… Look, if it ain’t BBC, don’t expect me to remember.

      I KNOW, HER HAIR! Hair is something I’ve REALLY had to work at, so I feel insurmountably pleased with how lovely her fifteen minute hair turned out. And the castle thing is actually a monochrome watercolor outlined in ink. First time I’ve ever used ink; it was fun.

      Those books… *sighs* They are the definition of giving you a heart only to tear it to pieces. In a good way. *cough* After you can get past some of the weirdness, which always happens when someone tries to bring mythology into the modern world.

      *snaps fingers* Ah, of course. How silly of me. Please forgive my inadequate knowledge of the human evolution. XD


      1. I knew you knew it at one point. 😀 ABC is a (very liberal) news network, as far as I know…

        Monochrome. *wide eyes* And what’s that?

        O Sorrow. 😥 Sounds good.

        Is the cool little fish child charcoal then? It looks like it’s on canvas for oil or acrylics, but the actual medium looks like charcoal. Or at least…I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-black PAINT painting.


    Honestly my favorite is of the turtle-fish child because that shading though…
    how’s that art class going, by the way?


        1. Oh goodness, we’ve all done that at some point or other. I think my mother likes her own comments on purpose. XD What’s REALLY awkward is when you’re on someone else’s blog and you accidentally like a random comment by a random commenter who you’ve had NO previous connection to AT ALL.



        Art class is… as lovely as sitting in a classroom with fifteen people who are all trying to assassinate one can be. *cough* I have to write an ESSAY. For an art class. About some painter guy. I did not sign up for this. *wails*
        It has made me draw a whole bunch more than I have been though, so I can’t complain TOO much. (Though one can ALWAYS find something to complain about if one gives it some thought… 😉 )


  4. WOW.
    That ship is incredible! And so is the 15 minute thing, it’s totally awesome!!!

    I went to bed in tears because you didn’t post anything last Thursday…I was inconsolable for weeks!
    Ya, no, I’m not THAT dramatic. Glad you posted this week though 😉.


  5. *cries over Jeb and Diana* Yes, I have read Ashtown Burials. Multiple times. Probably more than is healthy.

    I loved the picture you said you turned out in 15 minutes, I wish you did commissions. *hint, hint*


    1. GLAHHBFLUH. Another poor unfortunate victim! Are they not the WORST? In a good way, but still… I walked around in a daze for like, three days after finishing them. An irreplaceable piece of my heart has been ripped out and it will never heal. Who was your favorite character?

      YOU WANT TO COMMISSION?! *bambi eyes*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s funny, I both love and hate those books. My favorite character is probably Arachne, despite my own extreme hatred of spiders.

        Yes, technically I wish I could commission, but I have this vague idea that commissions are paid for and I have no way I could do that so yeah. I wish I could though.


        1. Haha, I know what you mean. I got my sister to read them, just so someone else could be as miserable as me. And you have very good taste. Arachne is the greatest, despite her unnatural attraction to spiders. *shudders*

          *waves had dismissively* Eh, beginning artists can’t be bothered with trivialities such as money. It’s hard enough finding someone who even WANTS to commission us.


          1. I think your art is awesome! And I wish I could get my sister to read the books, but she is ten years old and prone to getting scared during dramatic scenes in books and movies soooo… yeah. It’s not a book for her.

            When I asked about commissions, i was wondering like if I described a character of mine you could try drawing her? Maybe? I love your art style, I think it’d look awesome.


        2. HA, yeah, those books aren’t made for ten year olds. *shudders* Goodness, no. At least my sister is four years older than me, so it worked there.

          YAY! I’ve actually done quite a bit of that before, character drawings for some of my writer friends, and I absolutely love it. Look, drop me a line through the contacts page, and we can discuss it.


  6. This art is lovely… and that one of Jeb and Diana has entirely crushed my heart how could you Sarah how could youuuuuu- okay, I’m done.


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