Chronicles of Plerp: Sylvestrus Clarencourt XIII, Dragon Slayer—Part 1

Hey, look at this! I'm actually posting on Thursday, the day I'm supposed to! Wow. This is a monumental occasion. Let me take a moment to drink in the wonder of this. *takes a moment* Oh. It's Friday. Phooey. Anyway. Do you remember that stupid story I wrote a while ago? You probably don't, so [...]

Chronicles of Plerp: The Strange Tale of Gambergain’s Magic Spoon

And I emerge from the war torn realm of the Flu with only a few minor battle wounds, namely, a stupid story. The thought process behind it being, "I'm going to write a stupid story," and proceeding to do exactly that. Chronicles, you say? Oh yes, my pretties, I'm not yet done with Sylvestrus Livingstone [...]