The Call of Camp NaNo // cabin sign-up

Ah yes, it’s that time again. The time for random unscheduled Monday posts. The time for scattered thoughts and ink-stained fingers. The time for sheer insanity.

The time when Sarah Baran starts tooting her own horn and blatantly self-advertising.

Folks, Camp Nanowrimo starts in a week.

Despite the fact that I’ve barely gotten over the last Camp Nano, here I am, ready to do it all over again. Because…

Just because.

And just like last time, I’m hosting a cabin for this round of writing insanity. I’m too lazy to give an introductory/explanatory spiel, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read this: 5 Reasons Camp NaNoWriMo is Worth It // aka shameless self-advertising for my cabin.

Did you read it?

Sounds pretty fun, huh?

Yes indeed, the Sarcastic Scriptorium is returning. If you enjoy quippy banter, scintillating conversation (we talk about snails half the time)(okay not really), and dictatorship by yours truly, I highly recommend signing up.

(Yep, here I go again with the self-advertising. I’m so sorry.)

You can sign up below:


>>Sign-Up Form<<


(Please don’t count how many times the words “sign” and “up” have been used within the last four paragraphs…)

My one request is that you’ve made yourself known on my blog at some point before submitting a cabin request. I won’t accept people who I’ve had no contact with, for the sheer sake of playing it safe. BUT if you’ve ever left a comment or chatted with me through email, you should be good to go.

SO! *smacks knee* Let’s get to it, shall we? Who’s excited for Camp Nano next month? Who’s dreading it? What are y’all writing? Do you plan to mercilessly slaughter a character in the next 40 days?

Why does the world have pineapples but no pineoranges or pinelemons??

Questions, questions…



22 thoughts on “The Call of Camp NaNo // cabin sign-up

  1. Ooh, nice! I think I might try it this time… probably working on a project that is currently top-secret. Mainly because it’s such an awesome idea (in my humble opinion XD) that I’m scared of having it stolen by someone with more time to write. 😉

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    1. *wry grin* Heh, yep, I can sympathize with that sentiment… The nice thing about Camp Nano though is it’s much more forgiving than the real NaNoWriMo in November. At least with camp nano, you get to choose your own goal instead of being forced to write 50,000 words or bust… 🙂

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  2. The answer to your Pineapple conundrum, Ms. Elf, is simply: pine trees are extremely picky creatures and have an unfailing loathing of oranges, lemons, or any other edible creation except for apples.
    Thus, Pineapples — The only delicacy worthy of the mighty pines.

    PS. And yes, Somewhere in the next 40 days one of my innocent characters shall meet their utter and terrible end. Mark my words, IT SHALL BE DONE. AND THERE SHALL BE NO MERCY.
    No mercy at all.
    (that is, if I don’t die first)

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  3. Yay, NaNo! I’m editing this year. Just editing…I see all the shiny new projects being announced, and I’d LIKE…but I’m editing. I AM. Well. I might also be writing a few shorts supporting the world the novel is in. And I might tap into another story I’ve had brewing, because it’s an irresistible draw. But I’M EDITING!

    Also, I’ve sent in my sign-up forum :).

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  4. I had a TON of fun in the Sarcastic Scriptorium last month, so I’d love to be apart of it again, but… I’m already part of another friend’s cabin. I wish I could be in two, but since that’s not possible, maybe you and I could still keep in touch during July through GoogleChats? 🙂


    1. Aw, yeah, I think that happened to quite a few of the alumni from April cabin. My fault, I should have posted this MUCH sooner. *rolls eyes*Classic example of me not being on top of things…

      But YES, we can absolutely keep in touch that way! That would be so fun.

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  5. I would love to be in a cabin with you, but I’m already in one with a bunch of wacky and fun writers. 🙂 I hope that you have a good time in your’s, though! 😄


  6. So the sign-up form says it’s no longer accepting applications, and I’m wondering, is that because your cabin is full? Because I haven’t got a cabin yet and yours looked so fun last time, only I was already in one, which isn’t the case this time.


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