A Ton of Questions and a Truckload of Answers (part 2)

I return for your mid-week installment of foolishness with Part 2 of my various and sundry tags. I could spend this section of the post rambling on and on with a boring introduction, but I think that’s unnecessary. We’re cutting to the chase today.

First up is #CoverLove. An incredibly challenging tag, given the fact that I pay numero zero attention to book covers. (Oops…) This was passed on to me by Kate of the exemplary writing advice and Hans of the beautiful poetry and intriguing stories. (Who, I might add, didn’t actually do the tag himself, but I choose not to draw attention to that fact because I’m a kind person. *much benevolence*) So thank you, both of you.

1.) A cover that was meh on first glance but got more interesting the more you looked at it.


It’s pretty and nondescript and fantasy-ish for all of 0.3 seconds, until you squint and realize it’s literally a skull.

2.) A cover that looked really cool at first glance, but was meh the more you looked at it.


To be clear, I’ve never actually read this book. I have no desire to read this book. But when your parents work in the book industry, you see a lot of these things floating around, which gives one plenty of time to admire (and then slowly grow to hate) these covers.

3.) A cover you feel didn’t fit the story at all.




4.) A cover that fit its story exceptionally well.

Sorry it’s a little grainy…

It’s so nice when the illustrator actually reads the book… And then draws things exactly the way they were described… Zis does my heart good.

5.) A cover whose style you want for your own work.


Yes, it’s in another language. For some reason, this is the only decent image I could find of a Narnia cover.

6.) A children’s book cover that you really loved.


You didn’t say what age-range it had to be.

And yes, I do read Pete the Cat. It should be an essential ingredient in everyone’s literary diet.

7.) The most artistic cover you’ve ever seen, and why you think that.


*dreamy-eyed staring*

Okay, this might be my inner watercolor-artist emerging to scream incoherent thoughts about composition, but seriously… *gestures vaguely above* It’s so soft and muted and detailed. A+use of complimentary colors. Beautifully whimsical. Lovely balance and symmetry.

I could stare at this cover for days.


the get to know me tag writer's edition.PNG

Now it’s time for the “Get to Know Me” tag, presented by my buddy Danielle — thanks, kid. This one is long, so… brace yourselves.


Vital Stats and Appearance

Name: Victoria Shnizzleshnazzle, obviously.

Nicknames: Uh… Galadriel? Supreme Empress? Dictator for Life? Her Benevolent Graciousness?

My mom sometimes calls me Kate, though I have no idea why.

Hair color and length/eye color: Dark blond hair. (With reddish/gold highlights in specific lighting…) I have the prestigious position in this family as the One with Flowing Tresses, which basically just means that my hair is the longest, it being halfway down my back.

And my eyes are blue.

I make for a very cliche heroine.

Braces/piercings: Braces. Because when I was younger, a random tooth decided it wanted to be a vampire fang, and thus made a point of growing in a direction no tooth ought to grow.

Righty or lefty: Righty. Lefties aren’t human.

Ethnicity: Um…. American…? Half-Polish, if we’re getting into specifics. My last name means “lamb”, in case anyone wondered.

There’s your random useless fact for the day.


First novel written: A pious little tale called “Escape to Bandia”. (Doesn’t that name just fill you with excitement?? Isn’t it simply THRILLING?!?! *gags*)

I abandoned it after two chapters.

First novel completed: *awkward silence*

Award for writing: I came in second place in a story contest once… I’m not quite sure how, because my story was terrible, but still. I won $150. It was a good day.

First publication: *blinks*

Conferences: …apparently, I am an reclusive writer.



Novel that you wrote: I petition that this be changed to,  “Novel that I haven’t written yet but want to because I love it.”

The answer to that stunning question is “Untitled Prequel Story about the Golden Boy and his Dead Friends.”

Genre: *buckles on sword and clutches Elven rings to her chest as she wanders off into the Shire sunset, reciting Theoden-style monologues*

Author: Lately, the current craze has been N. D. Wilson, though my favorite authors/books change on a daily basis.

(Seriously though, he’s amazing, so go read The Hundred Cupboards. I’ll wait for you.)

Writing music: At this point, I think the world is getting bored of my zero-tolerance for anything that’s not Audiomachine.

But despite this, I still refuse to listen to any other music.

Time to write: Does anyone really have time to write? Yet somehow, we still do it. Scraping out seconds and minutes from our meager existences, cramming every spare moment with overflowing ideas that deserve hours to be pondered, not these pathetic instances of momentary idleness.

*wanders off to ponder life, philosophy and the universe*

Writing snack/drink: The thought of getting crumbs on my keyboard is enough to paralyze me. Don’t bring food within a ten-foot radius of my writing zone.

Movie: Um… The Chronicles of Narnia…? LotR? McFarland, USA? Horatio Hornblower? Star Wars?

Don’t ask such complicated questions.

Writing memory: Curling up on the floor in our storage room, amidst all the boxes and junk, to write the secret first draft of Aeterna. (Secret, you ask? Oh yes, preciousss. My mother was the only one who knew about it for almost a year. I was an obsessively protective writer.)

Childhood book: The A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. Believe it or not, this dumb little series actually had a huge part to play in my journey towards authorhood. I always knew what I wanted, even from a fairly young age, but reading The Absent Author solidified that goal.

It also sparked my deeper ambitions of becoming a private eye.

What, you never heard about that dream?

*slips on sunglasses*

Reading: Wildwood by Colin Meloy. Mostly so I can admire the cover.

Watching: THE CLOOONE WAAAARS!!! *inhuman screeching**knocks over lamp* Darling, geeky Anna was responsible for dragging my highly skeptical self into this one. Originally, I was not impressed. Animation? Ew. Anakin Skywalker? Ew. AND WHAT IS HIS PADAWAN WEARING??? Eeeew.

Yet here I am, having my mind blown by the complicated and thought-provoking story arcs that explore themes such as wartime morality and political corruption, and sobbing my eyes out over cartoon characters. I was not prepared for the level of dark, gritty, emotionally wrenching complexity this evil little children’s show would fling at me.

There’s your mini-rant of the day.


Want to be published: Why is this even a question? YES, I want to be published.

Wildest goal: To rule the world.

If I can’t have that, then owning a castle will do.



Well that was fun. This last one’s even better. Hope of the Red Hair and numerous daggers and published books nominated me for the 777 challenge. (Admit it — there for a moment, you wondered why it’s not sixes instead…) The rules? Go to the 7th page of your WIP, find the 7th line, and starting there, share the next 7 paragraphs.

Welcome to a tid-bit of Aeterna.


Aven’s back went rigid. “Liriel,” he asked casually, “did you kill him?”

“I should think not! I expect he’s baiting us for some kind of ambush. Now that you’re here, we can warn–”

“Liriel, the man is dead.”


That was a word rarely used in Glenborn.

Before she could stop him, Aven stretched out his foot and delicately prodded the body. Nothing happened. He crouched beside it, brow wrinkled with mild curiosity as he scrutinized the corpse. Still, nothing happened. The human didn’t leap up, shouting curses like before. No enemy reinforcements dropped their silent arrows from the treetops. Aven didn’t get a surprise knife in the gut.

Well, this was one thing she now knew about humans — they were terrible at laying traps.


Well. That’s an… interesting place to leave things. *fingerguns* Yep. Lots of dead people in this story.

ANYWAY, Thanks for following along on this tediously lengthy tag dump. Y’all are troopers. So long for now, and I’ll see you again on Thursday!



In the meantime, you can stew over what cover you would yell about for hours. Hopefully you guys pay more attention to these things than I do.


60 thoughts on “A Ton of Questions and a Truckload of Answers (part 2)

  1. Oh goodness. That 100 Cupboards cover is one of the beautifullest covers I’ve ever laid eyes on.

    What’s McFarland, USA about?

    I think the sunglasses will definitely help in your dream of becoming a private eye…


    1. *breathless gasping* I… I’ve never told you about McFarland USA? CHILD, how much time do you have? We could be here a while.

      *clears desk**pulls up chair**arranges her seven binders full of notes*

      It’s a true story about this teacher who, after being fired several times from different schools, eventually finds a job (and subsequently moves his family to) a tiny, crummy, 100% Hispanic town, which he thinks is just the grossest place ever and can’t wait to get out of. But he ends up taking on these 7 boys and forming a cross-country team (which eventually wins the first ever California cross-country championship) and ends up falling in love with the town and the hard-working field-pickers therein, and OH, it’s the most heartwarming story EVER. Typical, feel-good movie, but it’s much more well-done than most of those kinds of films, and my family loves it to pieces.

      *end rant*


      1. Ooooh, COOL!!! Love that kinda movie. The general plot sounds like Hoosiers, a semi-true mostly-fictional basketball story. Fired-or-something coach moves into little Indiana town, everyone’s grumpy, out to get him… He takes charge of the teenage boys’ basketball team, most everyone’s lazy, out to get him… And they all work together and with beautiful struggles and relationships come through on top of everything. We love that movie so much. When was this ‘un made?


  2. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE THE CLONE WARS. Like seriously, it is so so extremely good!
    I’m SO excited a new season is coming out!
    How far have you watched?


    1. MUAHAHAHAH, fellow Clone buddy! We just finished season 5 (*abundant tears*) and have yet to get season 6 from the library. I watched the trailer for the new season, and… *incoherent sappy sounds* I’m so glad they’re bringing it back. Who knew a kids’ show could be so good.


      1. I know, it’s ridiculous. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEWWWW SEASON!
        Also, yeeah, season 6. . . . heh. If I remember correctly, weeeeelll, let’s just say wow, it is, hmm, let’s go with the word strange. yeah, strange. You WILL HAVE to let us know after you finish!
        (I am totally going to rewatch the entire series before the new season comes out, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them)


  3. Hehe. I actually have three of N.D. Wilson’s books out from the library sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read, which *cough* will be a problem with the start of school.

    Seriously, though, who has time to write?

    Oh, oh, oh! I want to read Aeterna! And Audiomachine is seriously amazing! I haven’t had a chance to listen to most of their songs, but the ones I’ve heard are epic.


    1. I would advise you to throw school out the window in the face of N. D. Wilson, but… I’m not sure your parents would back me up on that.

      DISCLAIMER: Always do what your parents tell you, kids. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *snickers* Lol, no they wouldn’t. Actually, I enjoy school, so I wouldn’t do it anyway.

        Hehe, nice disclaimer. Though my characters (specifically my villains) are arguing that it is pointless to include such a disclaimer.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I also like watching little kid shows. 😂 aka Tangled the Series. Went into it expecting it to just be random shows about friendship and fun. And it was, at first… AND THEN. It started foreshadowing. Laying dark trails. Testing friendships, creating new bonds, introducing new characters, growing dark, increasing the tension and making an AMAZING villain who I literally loved.
    I’ve been disappointed by season 2 so far though. Hoping that it’ll get better gradually, the way season 1 did…


    1. Oooh, I’ve seen trailers and such for the Tangled series, but I could never get past the wonky art style. So it’s actually good, then? That’s nice to know. Those characters are very near and dear to my heart.

      Honestly, stuff made for children is better than stuff made for adults. (Possibly with the exception of Barney…)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. A TO Z MYSTERIES!!! Now it’s your turn to send me down nostalgia lane. *grins* I loved those books when I was younger. Especially the Absent Author. *keeps grinning*
    Eh… book covers? *coughs* Yeah… I don’t pay them a lot of attention? 😛 I should though, with Kate as a friend. 😉 I don’t know what my favorite would be, but it would probably be one of hers. Just ’cause she’s amazing. 😉 Though I kind of liked the Mysterious Benedict Society too; it was a little dorky at first, but as you read the story, and grow to know the people, you realize it fits beautifully. And they’re almost always those covers that you could stare at and keep finding new things, which is fun. 😀


    1. There was a time in my life when I was CONVINCED I was Wallis Wallace…

      Yeeeaaah, I feel ya. Being friends with Kate has definitely opened my eyes to the reality of book covers… 😂 And sheesh, hers are so pretty.
      AND YES. I actually wanted to get the MBS covers in here somewhere, but I couldn’t find a spot for them. Though apparently, the person who illustrated them also did that Wildwood cover, so I feel like that was a nice compromise.


  6. The special post is here! I’ve been waiting since this morning (actually Thursday when you announced it. Because that’s is when I learned I would get a second helping of comedy and sarcasm).

    Interesting. So that’s why you’re called honey lamb (or was what you called Snapper/Danielle?). I am very surprised you just said what you last name meant… And not your first name, which means princess. So Sarah Baran becomes, Princess Lamb. You are very much welcome. Don’t be insulted, your royal wooliness. No one will steal your golden fleece…
    I am (Full of) Grace Rose. Because a rose by any other name is still a rose. (That sounds like some heroric quote about family or clan sticking together, but it’s just about the roses are roses and that names don’t change what it is.)

    Lovely excerpt. Lesson of the day, when those people just casually say they were carful not to kill anyone while beating them up. They were trying hard not to. This person from the excerpt didn’t try hard enough. Hey you! Try harder next time!

    Also I think you were supposed to tag some people… Right?

    *looks up* It appears I made little rants about a few things. *grins* Happy monday. *vanishes*


    1. Yeah, she calls me honey lamb, though I can’t see why because she has to be out of chairs by now. Really, dear Galadriel, why do you insist on patronizing a dragon.

      Shall I say it louder?

      DRAGON, and not the cool sci-fi ship thing I put in my book, ‘kay? Either way, the chair gets blown up.

      Or perhaps I should threaten something far more preciousss… THE FIRST DRAFT OF AETERNA!!! *draws back for a flurry of flame*

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ehem…

    I’m a lefty.

    Actually, lefties are not human, we’re some kind of elves. Several people have said we’re sinister, but I have a comeback to that — some righties are sinister too, they are just sneaky and hide it from the world, and sometimes they’re so sinister, they can hide it from themselves — at least lefties are honest and transparent.

    A cool fact about us lefties is that sometimes we are misdiagnosed with being dyslexic. But we’re not. The world is just backwards, to unfairly accommodate you righties. You have to give us some slack, as we’re learning how to do things the unnatural way, and sometimes, we can do it better than you.

    NOTE: I wish it to be well known that while I am loyal to my elvish kind, I also appreciate and enjoy the company of the other races of this earth.


    Liked by 3 people

      1. Ellery,
        I’m not sure if you really think Sarah’s rude, but I am sure Sarah was not trying to be. She’s a sarcastic elf, and everything she says like this has to be taken as it was meant to be taken, which is in fun and jest, and with a few spoonfuls of salt.
        ~A Fellow Lefty


        1. *cringes away* My sense of humor obviously borders on too deadpan. This blog and its writer’s sense of humor are both delightful to me, and I certainly am not actually offended. I mean, I personally like to think I’m Vulcan instead of human anyway…

          Sorry for the confusion!


          1. Oh gosh. Never fear, I COMPLETELY understood your meaning. Most of my commenters are extremely sarcastic and deadpan, and for the most part, I think it ought to be the general assumption that NOTHING said in the comments section should be taken literally. 😉 It would be such vile hypocrisy to call this place “The Sarcastic Elf” if the readers couln’t be sarcastic themselves. I love my readers’ humor.

            And honestly… *confession time* I’m really not one to talk about lefties being un-human, considering I’ve spent half my life pretending to be Galadriel… 😂


    1. Lefties unite!! I think lefties are Elves. Immortal, and wisest of all the races of Middle Earth.
      OBVIOUSLY! I bet Sarah’s jealous now… *cackles*


  8. The cover for 100 Cupboards is so awesome! I never heard of the book before now but I could stare at the cover and analyze it so I could use some of the artist’s techniques….
    LotR covers are pretty awesome but I think my favs rights now are the Wingfeather Saga covers (please don’t tell me you haven’t read them) because of their epicality (yes I did just invent a new word)


    1. I knoooow, it’s so pretty!! The other two in the series are beautiful as well, but for some strange reason I’ll never wrap my mind around, Scholastic recently updated ALL the Hundred Cupboard covers into something tacky. I’m not happy.

      Ooh, yes, the Wingfeather Saga has lovely covers too. Don’t worry, I’ve read them. Or, part of them, at least. As in, the first one. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the other three yet…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. THEY DID WHAT?! I hate it when covers get downgraded *shakes head *disapprovingly* it’s always bad when series artist’s change and they can’t keep styles consistent. there’s a series we have of biographies for kids and somewhere along the way the artist changed (i think several times) and the covers went from looking like a really realistic watercolor painting to looking like something between bad animation and a Corell painting (that’s one of the programs to paint on the computer). *shoos artist part of brain away before this turns into an essay on book covers*

        well that’s a start… the first book starts slow and sort of childish but by the second book it gets intense. as in you won’t want to stop reading till you finish the story…



    I am not a kid.

    Thank you very much, have a nice day. 😉

    Note to the author: (Seriously tho, why do you have to make me laugh every time. XD XD) I love your blog. ❤


    1. As if Star Wars couldn’t get any sadder, they have to go and make you actually LIKE Anakin… *pounds head against wall* How can a dumb animated show be so… GOOD???

      *mourns Ahsoka*


      1. well, I already responded to this but apparently *glares at tablet* it messed up or something. Now perhaps I should have taken that as a sign not to post this, a sign that y’all had better things to do than be put through my jabber.
        Too bad.
        I’m posting this anyway.
        Anakin is SO awesome! And likable! Unlike the movie Anakin, I highly disliked him, even when he was “good”
        Ahsoka . . . . she needed to stay! Anakin NEEDED her! Like, SO bad! What if she stayed? could she have changed his fate? Could she break the movies and create a new timeline? STAY Ahsoka! STAY!

        The people I really mourn though are the clones, man those guys were my favorite. They each at personalities of their own even though they all looked the same.
        Sure Rex is great, I mean, He’s one of my favorite. But there is a certain squad I shall never recover from!
        Fives, Echo, Hevy, Droidbate, Cutup. . . You shall never – NEVER, I repeated, pass from my memory. It shouldn’t have ended the way it did. Y’all should have all survived together.
        *Weeps inside for what has been lossed*
        And YOU, Rex, YOU ruined everything! You should have protected him! You should have you should have you should have! You monster! I shall never forgive you Rex for what you did!! *voice fades into the distance*
        (Can’t say any more because SOMEONE *cough* hasn’t seen season 6 )
        *Casts a murderous glare towards Rex*

        ps. no it is not strange that I am talking to tv show characters. not strange at all. Everyone does it. I’m perfect sane.

        *whispers to self* they shall be avenged.


  10. -_- I feel so benevolenced.

    (By which I mean thank you very much, and I’m thrilled to see this post. :D)

    Wait, parents in the book industry? Howwhatwherewhy?

    Also, good thing I never addressed you by name, because I had this totally wrong impression…so embarrassing…and it was something really awkward, too, like SARAH or something.

    **DISCLAIMER: Sarah is a perfectly good name. Don’t chase me down with a pitchfork. (Besides, I’ll outrun you anyway.)**

    Yes, with those sunglasses, no one will ever notice you. In fact, if you wear solid black lenses, you won’t notice anyone else, either…

    Good thing I’m here to point these things out.

    And 10/10 on the Aeterna excerpt. Have you considered it as a back-of-the-book blurb?


      1. (Now if there’s anything I can’t abide, it’s a nosy human. It utterly disrupts my elaborate stalker network dedicated to keeping track of everyone else’s business 24/7.

        Close! INTP is one letter different from INFP, which is one letter away from ENFP, which is me. 😀 But the I/E difference is in my opinion one of the smallest, and I’m not as strong of an E as I used to be, so you’re not far wrong. *executes the kidnapper-walk round the back alleyway*)


        1. (Precisely. *discreetly tucks away mounds of opposition research*

          Aha, cool. 😀 EN/T/P was my next guess. And I get the whole ambivert-ish business.
          Can’t really decide whether I’m an E or I myself. I feel like an I but act sort of more like an E.)

          Liked by 2 people

          1. How ’bout we just call you guys “A” and make everything easier? ANFJ and ANFP. I’m so clever. *bows*

            (Also, Hans, as far as the book thing goes… My parents run a home-business selling used books, both online and at consignment sales. It’s a very profitable line of work for anyone who likes To-Be-Read piles that never shrink.)


          2. I understand that completely! I’m an INFP, and I often have a hard time finding anything to talk about when I feel obligated to make conversation or when I’m in a group, but at home, when I am under no obligation to talk, I literally cannot stop talking and end up acting like an ESTP. So sometimes I wonder if I really am an introvert, BUT– give me my recharge time. Large groups of people make me want to run for my life. o_o


            1. Ha! XD And you sound sorta like my older sister Kate in that respect. Also an INFP. Our siblings are always going KATE, are you SURE you’re not an extrovert?! And I’m like, people…it’s not how much you talk, it’s what charges you up. Gotta remember that. 😛 I think I actually act more like an extrovert outside the house though, when people need interacting with (which I don’t terribly mind, especially if they’re interesting people ;P, though it’s not my strongest suit ), and more like an introvert within.

              Obligation to talk is one of the worst things ever. 😛

              Liked by 1 person

  11. I happen to be a lefty, matam! (yes I spelled it that way on purpose) And at first I was offended by you calling me inhuman, but then I happily remembered that I am NOT a human, I am an Elf, and as I said in another comment, lefties, aka Elves, are immortal and wisest of all the races of Middle Earth. Men (humans)! Men are weak. XD XD XD

    (please note that was all in jest)

    Seriously though, its like being left-handed is a handicap. I can’t learn calligraphy except with a special pen because my hand can’t hold a normal pen correctly. Writing anything is hard because my hand smears the ink. I feel as if I’m almost disabled in my right hand. And there are a lot of other things that being left handed makes difficult, such as writing in SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS!!! Ugh. XP

    Fun post! I enjoyed learning more about you (I never knew you had such an odd name! 😉 Oh my goodness… that is a skull… ugh.


    1. Just popping in to say that reminds me of Leonard Da Vinci. He was left handed so he wrote backwards so he didn’t smear his writing. Or because he wanted to keep his designs secret(I think this is debated). But you could read it if you hold it up to a mirror.
      Just an idea for you… Or you could become ambidextrous. *shrug*

      Liked by 1 person

    2. You know, I… I never thought about that before. But you’re RIGHT, the world really IS designed with right-handers in mind. That’s kind of… sad. My sister is a lefty, and she always had to hold a computer plug-in mouse weirdly or she wouldn’t be able to click.

      Y’all need to learn Chinese.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is kind of sad… we’re the minority and just have to put up with it. I’ve been able to adapt in some situations, such as using the computer mouse with my right hand and while my left shoulder was injured I had to hold my utensils in my right hand, but I have never been able to write with my right hand.

        Lol, yes, we should. 😉


  12. There’s too much to comment on here, so I’m just going to say…. CLONE WARS WAS BASICALLY MY LIFE FROM THE AGE OF 4 UNTIL I WAS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. Thank you. I am done.


  13. “Does anyone really have time to write? Yet somehow, we still do it. Scraping out seconds and minutes from our meager existences, cramming every spare moment with overflowing ideas that deserve hours to be pondered, not these pathetic instances of momentary idleness.”
    Thank you so much for putting that into words!
    I agree, the cover to Wildwood is beautiful. Have you read it yet? What do you think of it?
    The cover to 100 cupboards makes me want to read it every, single, time. I just, haven’t gotten around to it yet…..


    1. That was my greatest philosophical triumph of 2018. XD

      I’m about halfway through Wildwood, and sadly, it doesn’t quite do its cover justice. It’s style is really fun and whimsical, but it’s extremely… slow. Somewhat boring. Basically, very bad pacing, which can be tedious to slog through.



  14. I wanted to be a private eye for SO. LONG. Thank you Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children, Three Cousins Detective Club, A to Z Mysteries, et al for that. Then when I was twelve I decided I was terrible at solving mysteries and my writing was so much more fun. I’m not sure how it took me six years to figure that out after I started writing. The Mystery of the Disappearing Candy remains a mystery to this day… (No, believe it or not, the culprit wasn’t a sibling.)


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