Chronicles of Plerp: The Purple Cows of Shazaar—Part 2

TA-DAAA. I want to mention that originally, Dwings the Dragon wasn't going to make an appearance in this story, but my friend liked him so much that I decided to rework some things (basically, the entire story) to include him. You're welcome. Now, without further ado... Part 2! *cheesy grin* I awoke early the next [...]

Chronicles of Plerp: Sylvestrus Clarencourt XIII, Dragon Slayer—Part 1

Hey, look at this! I'm actually posting on Thursday, the day I'm supposed to! Wow. This is a monumental occasion. Let me take a moment to drink in the wonder of this. *takes a moment* Oh. It's Friday. Phooey. Anyway. Do you remember that stupid story I wrote a while ago? You probably don't, so [...]