Welcome, humans, to a place of wonder, imagination and excitement! I accept commissions. I draw your characters, you give me all of your some money, everybody wins. Isn’t this fun?

Below is a selection of my portfolio and the styles available for commission.

9″x12″ Graphite Portrait – $20

9″x12″ Graphite Bust – $25

9″x12″ Graphite Full Body – $30

5″x7″ Watercolor Upper Body – $30

9″x12″ Watercolor Full Body – $40

Watercolor Portrait (5″x7″ – $20) (9″x12″ – $45)

The Process

After contacting me, you’ll be sent a detailed questionnaire covering everything I’ll need to know in order to draw your character — including physical description, outfit, pose, personality, etc. I’ll draw a small rough-sketch for you and tweak it according to your feedback until it matches your vision. Once I get the green-light from you, I’ll start on the actual piece. Altogether, the process should take 3-4 weeks.


I use PayPal. Half of the total cost must be payed up front. (If you back out halfway through the project… it’s mine, people.) The cost of shipping for larger drawings will be added to your total, about $3-$5 for US addresses.

I do ship internationally! Once again, the cost of shipping will be added to your total, and I take no responsibility for art that’s been damaged/lost in the mail.

Additional Information

  • The first five revisions of the initial sketch are free – additional revisions cost $0.50 apiece, to be added to the total price of the artwork.  
  • I will not paint or draw detailed backgrounds, animals, or multiple characters in the same piece.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission on grounds of inappropriate content — including revealing costumes, gratuitous gore, or anything of a sexual nature. Don’t be gross, friends.

Let’s get in touch!

If you’re interested in having a commission done, want more information, or have any questions about the process, feel free to drop a line below!