Welcome, humans, to a place of wonder, imagination and excitement! I’m now accepting commissions. I draw your characters, you give me all of your some money, everybody wins. Isn’t this fun?

Below is a selection of my portfolio and the styles available for commission.

Pencil Sketch, Portrait – $5

Pencil Sketch, Upper Body – $7

Pencil Sketch, Full Body – $10

Watercolor, Upper Body – $ 12

Watercolor, Full Body – $15

Watercolor, portrait – $20

The Process

After contacting me you’ll be sent a detailed questionnaire covering everything I’ll need to draw your character, including physical description, outfit, pose, personality, etc. I’ll draw a small thumbnail sketch for you and tweak according to your feedback until it matches your vision. Once I get the green-light from you, I’ll start on the actual piece. Altogether the process should take 1-3 weeks.

Let’s get in touch!

If you’re interested in having a commission done, want more information, or have any questions about the process, feel free to drop a line below!

I reserve the right to refuse any commission on grounds of inappropriateness — including revealing costumes, lewd poses or anything of a sexual nature. Don’t be gross, friends.