This is a Terrible Blog Post

I’ve written a terrible blog post.

I would badger you with excuses about how I didn’t mean to write a terrible blog post, but the truth is, that’s exactly what I meant to do.

You know how The Incredibles starts with Bob Parr driving to his wedding? His wedding, which is at night? And he’s leaving in the early morning? The whole day ahead of him? So much time to get where he needs to go?

And somehow, he still ends up late.

That’s how 2022 feels to me.

I started the year with grand ambitions and an empty slate. Nothing expected of me, no commitments tying me down, just me and my creativity against the world. Every time a new project came along, I’d look at my empty schedule and be like, “Suuuuuure, I have time!”

As it turns out, saying “suuuuuure I have time!” too often makes you no longer have time.

I feel like I’m on a treadmill of self-constructed deadlines. If I could just stop and get my bearings, I’d be fine, but the ground beneath my feet is speeding away and if I don’t keep running, I’ll faceplant gruesomely. I promised myself I’d have a decent chunk of Project Caribou edited by the end of April. I promised myself I’d keep my blog going faithfully with outstanding content. I promised myself a full eight hours of sleep every night. I promised myself so many things, but as the other projects pile up, the commitments I made to myself lose their luster in the maddening dash of GETTING THE OTHER STUFF DONE RIGHT NOW.

My coworker took one look at me yesterday morning and said, “Burning the late night oil, were we?”

First of all, rude.


I had a miniature existential crisis that ended in me contemplating getting a therapy dog.

The good news is, I had several months’ worth of blog posts prewritten to keep me going in times such as this, when I’m swamped with other projects.

The bad news is that I already used them up.

The somewhat okay-ish news is I have no qualms about publishing a terrible blog posts written last-minute.

So here you go. I’m not sure if this is a sign of how comfortable I am with my blog following, or I just don’t respect you, but regardless, this is the place we’ve arrived at. Terrible blog posts and therapy dogs. Under-eye bags for days. Faceplanting on treadmills.

I’m thankful for being swamped with projects because it means I’m moving forward with my goals and accomplishing things. But it also reminds me the importance of priorities and not letting your craft consume your sanity. Projects are good, but so are breaks. Breaks are definitely good. Random drives with your mom are good. Impulse buying potted hyacinths to position around your living room and asphyxiate your family is good.

Life is a beautiful mess and I want to contribute, not just with words and creativity and too many deadlines, but by living as best I can with as much joy as I can find.

Sometimes, that means writing something dumb and not caring.

Sometimes, that means getting a therapy dog.

In the end, it will be okay.

And guess what?

This is a terrible blog post.


Edit: After receiving a few concerned emails and comments, I would like to note that the therapy dog part is in fact a joke and not something I’m actually considering or at all in need of.

They are cool though.

14 thoughts on “This is a Terrible Blog Post

  1. Hey, don’t worry about it. I’ve written terrible blog posts too (some of which I’ve gone back and tweaked slightly over the past few years but shh). Keep going at it!

    P.S. I always thought Bob left in the late afternoon or something.


  2. I feel this and I am sorry. 😞

    (But now I’m really curious: Would you actually get a therapy dog if that were ever a viable option? 😂)


    In all seriousness, I get this… I’m a college age woman who instead of going anywhere for a degree decided to stay in her parent’s house. And then quit her waitressing job. And that makes me think that I should have all the free time in the world, since I have no college classes or ‘real’ job. But then… I teach my sibling school, I babysit for a church family, I volunteer at a therapeutic horse riding place, I started a small business on Instagram, I look after and make food for a horde of ravenous monsterlings otherwise known as siblings, I picked up like twenty-seven new hobbies… and run out of breath every day trying to get daily maintenance done in time to attend other things. XD It’s rough seas sometimes, but thanks for the reminder. It’ll all be okay. 🙂

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  4. Best post ever. Seriously. It speaks to sooooo many people! Running around out of breath hoping you have enough left in you to keep your word and complete that project takes COMMITMENT.
    Yet amidst the commitment you stop and breathe and look at life and smile. And those are the best moments.
    (I LOVE random drives with my Mom!!!!!)


  5. “Life is a beautiful mess and I want to contribute, not just with words and creativity and too many deadlines, but by living as best I can with as much joy as I can find.” Ah, I felt that so hard. My life has involved a lot of wedding planning lately, which is kinda fun but kinda stressful and mostly results in me constantly thinking of the future instead of enjoying the present. So thanks for the reminder that breaks are good and living the life you have right now is what we’re really called to do. ❤


  6. Thank you for this.
    My days start with “How on earth am I going to fill this empty day with things that will keep me and two young kiddos occupied all day?” and by the end of the day, all I can think about is how much I didn’t do. So this is a good reminder that we can enjoy those quiet (or not so quiet) moments when we feel like we’re not checking off that to do list that seems to go on forever and that it’s okay — there’s always tomorrow to do laundry.


  7. I feel you about the blogging and commitments thing. When I have too many things that I’m working on, I end up wanting to work on all of them at once and then coming to a complete standstill because I don’t know which one to focus on.
    Don’t feel bad about taking a break — we all need it sometimes! I’ve been having one this last week or so … sometimes it’s good to just take a breather.
    Just cause you’re not in school anymore (or I’m not not in school anymore either) doesn’t mean we don’t need holidays😉


  8. Hey Sarah! I hope you have a chance to take a break and get some rest! Thank you for putting this post together. If you do end up getting a therapy dog, I hope it will be a tremendous help! 🙂


    1. (that’s it. That’s all I have to say X’D)

      (except that this post is actually awesome and super well written??? It 100% feels planned ;P AND ABSOLUTELY RELATABLE.).

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  9. I appreciate this post. It is sooo relatable! This was happening to me until I got a break last week (camping trip!). I hope you get refreshed from burnout as well.
    Side note: your posts, especially the spiritual and art ones, are so awesome that they got technologically inept and introverted me to subscribe! And comment! Thank you for this inspiring and honest blog.

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