A Notice from the Faithless Blogger

Hey, humans. Long time no see, huh? The cause of my recent absence is…

*dramatic music swells*

I got a job.

And though I enjoy it, I’m gone from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening and THAT, my friends, is a death-sentence for creative productivity. I will get back into the swing of things, I promise. But at the moment, I need a little time to reorganize my life and figure out how to work writing, blogging, and art around my work schedule.

That’s why the last two weeks went by without a post. It wasn’t intentional — in fact, I actually tried to write something both times. I just didn’t manage to get it done when I needed to. And this week, too, I find myself drawing a blank. As much as I’d love to give you a heap of sarcasm and happy vibes this Thursday, I have to admit, I just don’t have it in me.

Thus, the Sarcastic Elf will resume it’s normal posting schedule next Thursday, when I will expound on the grand and glorious adventure of Sarah’s job hunt. (And hey, Preptober is almost here, so look forward to that too!) In the meantime…

…here’s a Jemima Puddleduck for your troubles.

Image result for jemima puddle duck gif

See you soon, folks! I miss you guys! Be nice to your local grocery store employees!


22 thoughts on “A Notice from the Faithless Blogger

    1. *thumps Emma*
      Do YOU have a job? Full time jobs and difficulty with doing everything you did before them is a real thing. So be nice.

      I’m always nice to my local grocery store people. I know a few by name, and I even know the age of one of them, and she’s a woman!


    1. Ooops, I didn’t much consider how random *thumping* might appear to anyone not familiar with my weird made-up terms. XD I guess it does sound a bit odd. I use it as an conciliatory/encouraging kinda gesture, like a sympathetic pat. πŸ˜‰

      I don’t have a regular job though, and wowwww I have no doubt as to how difficult it is to rearrange and reprioritize and all that stuff. *cringe* People with full-time jobs have my sincere sympathies…


        1. I knowww ugh. I promise I hit the right reply button, and it SAID it was a reply to Katelyn, at the top of the box thingy before I posted it. So. *perfect Lando whine* It’s not my fault. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          (Profuse apologies, Snapper! XD)

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  1. Be nice to your local grocery store employees”
    …does this mean, that one of these grocery store employees you speaketh of could be a certain Elf?
    If so…innnnnteressstting.
    If not.

    *Cough* but seriously, FIRST OF ALL it must be pretty neat to have a job (and horrible, don’t forget horrible XP), so I guess this is both a congrats and a ‘Im sorry’? XD. And SECONDLY STOP SCARING ME WITH YOUR POST TITLES SARAH — for half a second there I thought you might be announcing your death, or the firey end of this blog, OR BOTH.
    It was terrifying.


  2. I totally understand! Work can drain me like nothing else.

    I’m also secretly hoping for a future overload of stories about people buying groceries 😝



  3. Congrats! But.. 7 to 7? That’s, um… *tries to do the math* *brain is too tired* really long. Even my sunny disposition πŸ˜› would wilt under such conditions. But, hey, money to buy some more books! Or provide for the basic necessities of life! (Usually bookworm me would argue that books qualified as a basic necessity of life, but… you can always read the menu at the pizza place.)
    AHEM. Returning to my main point. Hope this new venture works out well for you, and looking forward to your next post! *eager little follower expression* πŸ™‚

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    1. I’ll be honest, literally the first thing I thought of when all this came up was, “Hey, gee, now I can read all those popular indie books my family won’t buy for me!”

      So… *cough* Yeah. 😁


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