Brush Pens, British Chaps, and Star Wars// another art dump

Well hello, my minions!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any art, and the main reason for this is I haven’t DONE any art. NaNoWriMo took center stage, and after that…

*mysteriously swirls robe* Who knows?

(Which is a fancy way of saying I’m a human train-wreck who doesn’t know how to organize her schedule.)


Needless to say, I’m slowly getting back in the groove of arting. And what better way to celebrate than dumping all my recent (and not-recent — some of these date as far back as the summer) art on you guys?

Prepare to be amazed.

*as she trips over her pencil and sprawls face-first on the floor*



WATERCOLOR BRUSH PENS ARE A BLESSING TO THIS EARTH. Also, let’s take a moment to indulge in angsty Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes feelings.

Thank you.



Anakin and Obi-Wan’s entire relationship summed up in one picture. Not quite sure what’s going on here, but I’m guessing Anakin is trying to convince his poor frazzled master that YES, blowing up whatever he blew up was 100% according to plan. (Even though it wasn’t.)



I don’t know who this kid is, but I’m willing to bet he’s British.

Fun Fact: If you squint, you can see an Aeterna ear showing through from the next page. This is the problem with drawing on thin paper; it’s waaay too transparent.



My first experiment with cross-hatching.

Otherwise known as my only experiment with cross-hatching.



Some random sad dude trying to look edgy. You’re nailin’ it, bro.



Here’s a piece of fan art I did for Writefury’s serial story Say Uncle. It’s been hiding under a rock all these months because I CAN’T DRAW HEADLIGHTS, DANGIT. (Or cars, for that matter…) The tree looks like it’s being sucked into the headlight.



A weird hippie library lady fueling her caffeine addiction.



*sarcastic beeping noises that translate into me raving about watercolor brush pens*

Please admire my hoodie sleeve. It matched the color of BB-8’s shadow so well that I had to get it in the picture somewhere.

Never have I felt so aesthetic as in that moment.



Here’s a kid who probably belongs in a Charles Dickens novel…



Sad Ahsoka Tano art, because Clone Wars broke my heart into little pieces and stomped on them.

For the record: I know her face has issues. I misjudged the length and proportions of her nose, so if you squint, her face looks weirdly similar to an extremely orange, extremely goggle-eyed pug dog.

I’m sorry, Ahsoka. You deserved better from me.



By far the most adorable human bean to ever grace my sketchbook. Just look at him. Feel his awkwardness radiating off the page. If this were in color, his socks would be mismatched.

I love drawing nerds.



THE BRUSH PEN SAGA CONTINUES!!! I really love this girl. She’s so bright and sunshiny and looking at her makes me feel tangible happiness.



Anna and I acquainted ourselves with the newest Star Wars show, and OH MY LAND. Take all my money. I’m hooked.

And thus it was that Torra Doza became the next victim of my arting spree.



Well, there you have it, folks! For an introvert, I draw an awful lot of people. I still haven’t figured out if that’s creepy or not, but there it is.

And yes, there’s a grand total of five Star Wars drawings here. #SorryNotSorry

So, which drawing is your favorite? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to see me do next? If Elrond had just shoved Isildur into the depths of Mount Doom when he had the chance, would the Uruk Hai ever have been invented?

Talk to me, people.



33 thoughts on “Brush Pens, British Chaps, and Star Wars// another art dump

  1. ACK, THE AHSOKA ART WHY DO YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME OF THAT. 😭 (I’m pretty sure even my dad cried when she left. XD It was the end of a huge era of my childhood.)
    Also, YES! I did not expect to like Resistance at all but I’ve enjoyed what little of seen of it so far. (And OHMYGOSH YOUR TORRA IS SO AMAZING. 😄 )
    Double also, Writefury is doing another serial story??? I must see this!!


    1. I’M SORRY… It was just so terribly sad and I enjoy the sad things. (Because I’m a twisted human being. Clearly.)
      And yesss, another Resistance fan! I wondered if you’d seen it. I wasn’t expecting to like it either (and seriously, the animation is terribly — for such a massive company, I expected so much more from Disney…), but it’s so much better than the lousy trailers made it seem.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ALL THE FACES. *loves everything*

    My favorite… Imma go with the girl in the buttery jacket and the weird one with blue smudges on her cheeks. And mickey mouse ears in her hair. She looks cool. ❤


  3. BUCKY!!!!!!! *dies* Your art is beautiful- I wish I could draw that well!
    But that Winter Soldier though.
    And BB-8.
    And Leia!
    And pfft, we all know if Elrond had pushed that annoying selfish messed up mess of a man into Mount Doom, none of the mess would’ve ever happened. *nods seriously*


  4. *gives standing ovation*
    Bravo!!! Encore!!!
    I honestly don’t know why you criticize your work. It’s all just asdfghjkl;!!!!

    Meanwhile, I struggle to hold a pencil correctly sometimes.


    Fav’s are 1) Bucky (smirks of course) and 2) BB8.

    Are you referring to the Clone Wars cartoons or books? I’ve only recently got into the expanded universe… 🙂

    So talented, Sarah!!!


  6. The nerd is definitely my favorite. 😀
    I also love the Dickens character and Torra Doza.
    Seriously though, they’re all amazing!!! 😀
    I’d honestly love to see some hobbit sketches… 😀
    And on the Uruk Hai… umm… it would depend. If there was some other evil powerful thingamajig that Saruman wanted and needed an army to obtain, I would wager there’s a good chance they would have been invented. The real philosophical question for me is, without the ring, would Saruman still have fallen?


  7. Ack Sarah these are so goooood!!! I love them all.

    The Anakin/Obi-Wan Kenobi picture was one of my favorites. I watched The Phantom Menace a couple of weeks ago and I actually liked it a lot! Jar Jar Binks, in my opinion, was useless (not to mention ridiculous) but Ani was adorable and Padme was awesome. 😀


  8. I think the Bucky/Winter Soldier one is just beautiful; he’s a favorite of mine so I’m biased… 🙂 And the ‘nerd’ is a great drawing. He looks like he should be a character from Doctor Who. Speaking of Britishness, that ‘British’ kid in the drawing had me dying laughing….because his features are so British it can’t help but be true.

    You’re a fantastic artist!


  9. *can’t stop screaming*


    — “I don’t know who this kid is, but I’m willing to bet he’s British.”

    It’s. . . it’s. . . IT’S DAVID TENNAAAAAAAANT!!!!!! *fangirls* This can NOT be coincidence. (well technically David is Scottish but aaaack)

    — “A weird hippie library lady fueling her caffeine addiction.”

    This one stuck out to me for some reason. Maybe it’s the glasses. Ack, she’s so beautiful! ❤ ❤

    — "And thus it was that Torra Doza became the next victim of my arting spree."

    Her eyes. . . are. . . FLAWLESS.

    I wanted to comment on every single piece here, but that would take up way too much room. X'D I'm just gonna leave it at I'm crying because these are all so GORGEOUS. ❤ Well done.


  10. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before (so obviously I’ll just do it again), but I grew up in China, and although I am very American culturally, I do still think in terms of China a lot. So when I opened this post and saw your Bucky picture, my first thought was . . . why in the world would Sarah be drawing communist propaganda???

    XD The red star is like China’s crest (their flag is red and has stars) and it had someone in a uniform with black hair . . . so I literally thought it was glorifying the Chinese military. And then I saw the Winter Soldier and was all like “ohhhhhhh, I see nowwww” XD XD

    Also, wow, I love all of these!! I’m with you on the brush pens. What you did with them is just gorgeous. The BB8 one especially is just so precise. The shading and how you use the lighter and darker colors to make the texture and shadows all while keeping it really smooth, it’s beautiful – and I do realize I just described everything you do with any sort of medium where you add color, but you still did a good job :p And I’m very proud of you for being aesthetic *benevolent smile*

    That Charles Dickens one could totally be from Newsies! Have you seen the play? I’ve seen the recording of the Broadway performance on Netflix, and it’s amazing! It also has a super relatable song on writing called “Watch What Happens,” haha.


  11. these are all so gorgeous! the headlights one tho… poor tree look like their slumping from the glare of the lights 😂… but I would probably do worse so don’t feel bad 😀 . I really like the crosshatched girl especially the way you did crosshatching on her face… it looks so cool. the Ashoka one is just gorgeous beautiful fabulous……. the way you mixed the colors and also combined the two pictures is just amazing

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Girl, these are fabulous, and there’s no such thing as too many Star Wars drawings. Also, I’ve never had any success with cross-hatching ever, so I’m honestly in awe of Leia’s hair in that one. Where did you get your brush pens?? I never realized it before, but I desperately need some.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. OKAY I LOVE ART DUMPS. Especially yours. 😉 Your work is INCREDIBLE, dear! I can’t believe how well you draw people and faces! Do you usually use a reference or no? My favorites were probably the British kid, awkward guy, and girl with the yellow jacket. 🙂 Looking forward to your next art post!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. AHHHH everything’s so beautifully aesthetic. The nerd is my favorite. But duh, they’re all amazing. Micah’s attitude in the Say Uncle one is awesome. XD

    Ohooo, you should draw ARCHIE! And HORATIO!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. *sidles in through the partially opened door with the KEEP OUT SIGN*
    This has nothing to do with your art, but you read Evidence Not Seen? I read an excerpt for school and I was like, “ooh, I understood that reference!” XD

    Liked by 1 person

    *Falls to knees in utter anguish*
    WHY DID YOU LEAVE AHSOKA???? WHYYY? Anakin needed YOU! WE Needed you!
    *Distant wailing*
    Okay but I just want to say, when you said, “I don’t know who this kid is, but I’m willing to bet he’s British.” — the little voice in me head read it in a British accent, so…(there is really no point to this comment).

    ANYWAY – Now let us have a moment of silence for dear Bucky Barnes (and Ahsoka Tano..and Anakin…and those five clones from Domino Squad (seriously, their deaths were traumatic, specially poor Fives’), and that one Jedi who died, and that other one, and all those Clones over there, and that ship that blew up, and everyone who turned to dust on Avengers…and….. ).

    PS. I gotta admit, that all of these drawings are DOWNRIGHT AWESOME, but, my all time favorite is that random sad dude (he looks like his dog just rejected him).
    OoOh, also that last girl (just lookat dat confident gleam in her eyes).

    P.P.S. Star Wars the Clone Wars shattered me into a million tinsy pieces and I shall never recover.

    P.P.P.S. ….That’s probably why I’m currently insane.

    P.P.P.P.S. And Elrond! ARGH, C’mon man! Just push Isildur in and go home! You’re LITERALLY standing right there. SO easy.


  17. The awkward guy looks like Marius Pontmercy brought to the 21st Century. I’ve decided to adopt him.
    That yellow girl is so cute and bright and happy.
    That British fellow looks like Eddie Redmayne 😛 And yes, he definitely looks British.
    I love the colours in the Ahsoka picture too. they’re really vibrant and beautiful, and I love those cloaked figures as well. They look very mysterious and…well, cloaked. Also, I have been staring at her face for a while now and mentally comparing her to my friend’s pug dog and I’m pleased to say that I see very little resemblance.
    The Bucky Barnes one is also very sad.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I don’t UNDERSTAND how you can be this good!! These are beautifully amazing! They seriously make my art look like children’s doodles… *Cries*
    Haha I love the one of Anakin and Obi-Wan! AAAAAAHHHH I would seriously hire you to paint my portrait!! 😀 😍


  19. Ik this is a late comment xD but oh my skarg, that Ahsoka art…*sobs* My sister and brother can almost quote that HoRRiD scene. And the Bucky art is spectacular, we must all appreciate this masterpiece.

    And I watched (sorta) the first episode of Resistance…yeah, I think I’m good…


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