Due to circumstances beyond my control, you all must be deprived of my presence today. I will be back next week with boatloads of sarcasm and glitter to go around. Be patient.

In the meantime, have a picture of my cat.

Backgrounds 1

(I took an entire photography class last year, and this is the only result of my labors. You’re welcome.)

Stay tuned!


19 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. *misses your presence*
    *scoops up the cat in a hug and sends him back to you bearing chocolate*
    That’s actually a pretty cool picture. Were you on the macro setting? The tongue is so clear!!!


    1. I honestly have no idea what setting or technique or skill or what-not I did to get that picture. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever taken (*rolls eyes* a true testament to my photography skills), which is hilariously ironic, considering I wasn’t even trying…


  2. I’ll miss your post this week, but the picture of your cat and all the comments about it were very entertaining anyway 😀


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