Happy Bloggiversary to Me


One year ago today, I clicked a little blue button that said ‘publish’ for the first time. I watched the loading screen swirl at me like a judgemental little… swirly thing.  I held my breath.

And then, it was there. My writing. On the screen. On the internet, for all eyes to see.

I immediately had a panic attack.

Yes, one year ago today, The Sarcastic Elf came into existence. I’ve been bringing snark to your inbox for a whole stinkin’ three hundred sixty-five days. It’s… pretty crazy. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I’ve survived this long. It’s so unlike me. I can only conclude that it was a result of hard work, discipline, perseverance, and will-power.


Yeah, who am I kidding. We all know it’s because Anna would badger me to death if I started slacking. But anyway.

When I first started The Sarcastic Elf, a whole ton of objectives knocked around in my mind as to why I was branching out into blogging. I needed a platform for my writing. Having to post every week would be a good exercise in discipline. It would be fun. (HA.)

But amidst all that, there was one single goal that overrode all the others: In a world that’s so frequently darkened by sin and corruption, violent attacks, political tension, pessimism and teenage angst (not to mention a whole slew of other horrible stuff), I wanted to create a small corner reserved for sarcasm and simple joys. Light stuff. Bright stuff. Sometimes, even deep stuff. I wanted to make people happy. I wanted to make people laugh.

I think I have succeeded.

Blogging has had its challenges. I’m not gonna lie, there were times when I wanted to break my laptop over my knee. But despite the occasional bouts of bloggers block, and the not-so-occasional dollops of wanting to pull my hair out, this has been a truly incredible experience. God has blessed this endeavor so much, from His patience with my periodic thick-headedness, to the amazing people He’s led me to meet through the bloggisphere. I’ve made some terrific friends, and connecting with all sorts of other young Christian writers has been one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. I’m so thankful for the opportunity God has given me to bless others with my words. It’s been a pretty epic ride.


That came out surprisingly sappy.


The point is, I like blogging. Now let’s move on.


The Sarcastic Elf Stats

(Because I’m sure you’re SO interested…)

Followers: 95

This is surprisingly good, considering I have done zilch-o-la to get myself out there.

In my defense, I was… busy.

(Also, please keep in mind that about 30% of those followers are evil computer programs trying to take over the world, not actual real people following my blog because they think it’s cool. So yeah. The number doesn’t seem quite as spectacular with that in mind.)

Total Posts: 55


First Post: Beginnings

I try to make a point of never rereading my old blog posts, because… yeesh, I was inexperienced back then. BUT on the first anniversary of my blog, I suppose it’s normal protocol to conduct a trip down memory lane, so we can all laugh about how bad I was, and how horrible my grammar used to be. Yay. You don’t want to know how many rewrites that thing went through before I found it suitable to dump on the airwaves. And even then, I spent the whole night freaking myself out, because WHAT AM I DOING??? PEOPLE CAN READ THIS. WHY WOULD I WANT THAT?

I’m still not sure.

Most Popular Post: The Lion’s Call

With the grand total of 223 views.

I… have no idea why this is. It’s not the one I would have picked, let me tell you. But there it is. I don’t dispute the numbers. So go read that, and laugh about my poetic ineptness and the novelty of having a social media account. (That I still don’t know how to use.)

MY Personal Favorites:

Heh… heheh…

If you keep up with the comments, then you’ve probably seen a fair deal of my mother. (MOP—or ‘Mother of Prodigy’, since I, apparently, am the prodigy. She has a great deal of fun goading me about that subject.) I don’t think there’s any other post that quite sums her so well as this one: Broken Bones, Murdered Fish, and Mom’s Stellar Painting Suggestions

Then of course, we have Message from a Dust Speck, which is one of my favorite spiritual rants. It also managed to make half my readers get weepy on me. So that’s always a… factor for something.

Chronicles of Plerp: The Strange Tale of Gambergain’s Magic Spoon is the first in a series of short stories I did, and honestly, they’re pretty stupid. But hey, not all stupidity is bad stupidity, so… so there.

That’s a quote to hang on the wall.

(Fun fact: I was actually deathly ill with the flu when I wrote that story, which probably explains why it is… the way it is.)

Then there’s this: May the Fourth Be With You! Yes, we all know that I’m only including it for the Severed Wampa Arm cake.

(And here’s an honorable mention—even though it’s not technically my post—because GUYS, I once got interviewed. So here’s this: Interview with Sarah Baran of the Sarcastic Elf. Props to Abby for unwittingly launching something on the world that I find way cooler than I probably should.)

I’m getting serious nostalgia looking back through all these old posts. I was so cute and inept back then…

Anyway. You guys have your reading cut out for you. Get cracking.

Posting Activity:

1August is killing me.

New Year’s Resolution, guys. I’m gonna actually post on the days I’m supposed to.

Which is hilarious for me to say today, when I skipped Thursday to post on a Saturday.

Moving on.


What to Expect from 2018

(Kindly ignore the fact that we’re already a month into 2018.)

Guys, change is in the air. I have a new official picture tacked to the sidebar, in replacement of “Shield Maiden in a Plaid Shirt”.


I call this one, “My hair is longer on one side than it is on the other, and I honestly have no idea why that is”. Or, alternatively, “Shield Maiden with Uneven Hair”.

And yes, the only reason I’m including this in my anniversary post is because I NEED PEOPLE TO LOOK AT MY NEW SWORD. Look at it. Real metal short-sword, found in a thrift-store. My geekiness has reached unknown levels.

Aaaaaand that’s it.

That’s all the changes.


Though I DO finally have a copyright, so stealing my stuff is officially illegal. Take heed, kids. Steal my stuff, and I will throw a piece of bread and jam at your face.

Also, I’m going to make a conscious effort to post short stories and book updates and that sort of thing, because Anna says it’s pointless having a platform to promote my work on when I never promote my work.

And as for the rest… Well, I hope to keep this place in cyber-space for a long, long time. So tell me what you think. What do you like about this blog? What do you think could be improved upon? What sort of posts would you like to see more of in the future?

Yes, I know, it’s shocking for me to ask other people’s opinions, and even more shocking for me to listen to them. But hey, miracles DO happen!


So yeah. One year. It’s been a whirl-wind ride, manning this ship, and I can honestly say that I don’t remember most of it. But you guys—my readers—have been amazing. Getting to meet you all has made this job fun, and I honestly feel like I know most of you. You guys are the loyalest bunch of minions I’ve ever had, and your support means so much to me. Thanks for sticking with me this long, and taking the time to read my stupidity every single week.

You’ve been great.

So here’s to The Sarcastic Elf, and may she live for many long years to come. We’re one year closer to world domination.

*dramatic music swells as she turns to make her exit*




50 thoughts on “Happy Bloggiversary to Me

  1. “Not all stupidity is bad stupidity.” *jaw drops* I agree. One hundred percent.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! *glitterworks*
    We’re so proud of our Sarcastic Elf. (Who will obviously live many more years, because sheesh girl, ELF.)
    There may come a day when you’ll give in to….well, everything that might be depressing about blogging and all that and blah blah blah and stuff…but it is NOT THIS DAY!!! And we your readers are happy for that. *wise nod*

    Ohh, stats. Stats are very cool, and it was very INTJ of you to give them to us. I appreciate you holding true to yourself.

    Also, I adore both those pictures but I have to say…the plaid shirt and pink rubber boots one really captured the spirit of the blog better. I mean, it’s got the epic and the little, normal, regular all combined in one epic picture. The new one is mainly epic. Which is great and all, but I mean… I’ll just miss the old one. *sniffs*


    Oh, and it’ll be cool to have more WRITING on the blog. 😀 It wouldn’t be as good if it were all writing, but a healthy mix’ll be sweet, and it IS to promote your work so, yay! I think your readers are already sold on you though, so I dunno but what we might just get your work without knowing much about it, by virtue of you. XD
    I…don’t know what other kinds of posts to want. Variety is the spice of life. Keep variety.

    (All right Mop, I’m done now. Relax. I won’t make it any bigger.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *sniffs* They were YELLOW boots. Get it right, Emma. *sigh* But yeah, I kinda miss that picture too. Who knows but I might change it back eventually… *mysterious eyebrows*

      “I think your readers are already sold on you though, so I dunno but what we might just get your work without knowing much about it, by virtue of you. XD”

      This is very encouraging. I hate posting my work. (Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m gonna have to get over it if I want to get published. Still.)


  2. Well dear, if I fall into the category of “other people ” , you just mosey on out here to the living room. I have PLENTY I could say. 😘


  3. Sarah,
    I think one side is longer than the the other because of the curls. The left side is curlier, and thus the hair would be shorter, which is exactly what I see, so phenomenon explained.
    And more stories would be nice. I feel awful making you read all mine and I don’t get the honor of critiquing yours. Though I must admit, I think you are a far better writing mentor than I am. Besides, I hear you already have one. *Waves to Emma*
    I also love your deep thinking. If you could do that more, I would love it.
    And I shall join Emma in missing your old picture. Not that the new one isn’t cool too, but…old plaid shirts die hard, or so they say.)
    Wait a minute! Did you call me a minion?!



    1. Eheheh, never fear Akir, I’m not her writing mentor. 😉 My older sister Kate is (sort of… XD), so you’re probably thinking of her. She makes a better writing mentor than I. XD I’m not even a writer, either, and I haven’t beta-read any of Sarah’s stuff. Yet. I hope to one day. 😉 But anyway, no one ever said you couldn’t have more than one beta-reader. And being a beta-reader and being a mentor are also slightly different qualifications. 😉 I’ll still wave at you though! Me likes waving. *waves wildly*


      1. Aww, Emma, you can be a writing mentor if you want to. I dub thee Honorary Writing Mentor the 78th.

        Katy, there will definitely be more of my deep philosophical and theological ponderings. I rather like them. And yes, I did call you a minion. I will probably come to regret that. *hides behind chair**flings a half-hearted burst of animal crackers* 😉


        1. Phew! At least you threw something easier to clean up…wait a minute! Now everyone is stepping on them and grinding them into the carpet! No More Animal Crackers!

          Come on out from behind the chair. I won’t hurt you…maybe. No, I seriously won’t. I am bigger than that. I’ll just pull you on the floor with me to pick up the mess you’ve made. *gives a slightly diabolical laugh* Oops! Abetha’s showing. Sorry about that. *clears throat* Would you please help me pick up your mess?


    1. HA, no, I’m not that shady. It says 83 because that’s how many WordPress followers I have. The other 12 are email followers, who don’t show up in the numbers, for some reason.


  4. Happy Blogiversary (or however you say that)! May the Sarcastic Elf live long and prosper.
    Aw man, no stealing stuff anymore?? I was enjoying that.

    Jk, jk. Although, not like I’m afraid of bread and jam in my face.

    BTW, the lion’s call is really good 😊


    1. “Aw man, no stealing stuff anymore?? I was enjoying that. ”

      And the prize goes to Shannon, for being the first person to voice what I was thinking while declaring my copyright. I think I sat here and laughed for a full five minutes.

      *throws bread and jam in your face*

      Thank you for reading (and not stealing—I HOPE… *sever eyebrows*) my stuff. You’re great.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow! I get a prize? And I made you laugh?? Well, this has to go down on the books as being a very memorable moment for me.
        *promptly eats the bread and jam* I’ll just pretend that I’m three again. That’s about how I ate when I was three…I think.
        I really will try to make an effort not to steal your stuff, but that tiny bottle of purple glitter looks so tempting…


  5. Hurray! Happy Bloggiversary! *hands you chocolate covered pineapple and chocolate cake* Actually, you have 96 followers (I follow your blog without technically following it. You see, I’m old-fashioned and just follow blogs by popping in weekly rather than by hitting the “follow” button.). 😜 That sword picture is epic.

    I can’t wait to see what your next year of blogging holds!


    1. CHOCOLATE!! *eats the stuff* Haha, yeah, I used to be old-fashioned too. Except it was more derived from a fear of the internet exploding on me than anything else… I’m weird with technology. ANYWAY. Thank you for taking the time to read my stuff. 🙂


  6. Yay for one year of blogging! You have definitely succeeded in your goal of bringing happiness, snarkyness, and light to this world, and I’m very glad that you will actually hope to start posting on the days you’re supposed to.

    Oh, and my sister (who has never read your stuff before but totally should) loved the part at the end about tripping. So did I, but her opinion matters more.


    1. “But her opinion matters more.”

      Oh my dear girl. I relate. 😂

      Thank you, fellow INTJ, for reading my snark and taking the time to comment. I think you’re actually one of the most devoted followers, and it means the world to me. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome! I love reading and commenting on your stuff! I will be super sad if you ever stop writing…. so don’t stop!


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