Broken-Down Band // preptober prompts + week 4, day 4

Hello, humans! Today is technically the last day of my Preptober Prompts week, so before we get into it, I think I’d better explain what’s been going on with my weird posting schedule, and why I’m proving to be such a shabby host. Basically, writers’ block. (Blame it all on writers’ block.) No, but seriously. [...]

The Catastrophe of Christmas // preptober prompts + week 4, day 3

Yeah, so. This is late. It's been a rough few days...     The Catastrophe of Christmas Tramping through six inches of snow and being brained in the face by a snowball is not Liriel’s idea of fun. In fact, her idea of fun is so radically different from the current situation, she’s contemplating writing [...]