An Interlude

Will I be unprofessional if I tell everyone to stand by until next week?

Regardless, I’m doing it.

Stand by until next week.

I got nothing for you.

A day will come when I’m prepared ahead of time with lots of great and timely posts (read: next week), but it is not this day.

In the meantime, here’s a thing I painted.


16 thoughts on “An Interlude

  1. I’m trying to type something but am finding it extremely hard because I just can’t get over that astonishing painting.😱🤯😍 So CUTE!
    I can’t wait for next week!


  2. Lol. That’s okay, Sarah. I liked the interlude. And that painting is sooo pretty! I adore watercolor art. Also, it reminds me of the houseplants in our window sill (not that we’re crazy plant people, noo not a all…) XD


  3. A day will come when we will get tired of ‘a day will come’ jokes… but it is not this day.


  4. well. can i join the guild of unprofessional bloggers because i am trash and have been telling people to stand by for actual months. 😂

    I love your painting so much. Beautiful and so peaceful. ❤️


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